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You know what January’s like – we’re still full from Christmas day, and our bank balances leave a little to be desired, but we’re feeling renewed by the New Year and all the potential that a fresh calendar has to offer us.

Why not tap into that optimism with a day out (or two). Whatever you’re after this January, whether you are looking at braving the elements and getting out into the great outdoors, looking for something to help to stay warm and dry, or maybe even looking for some relaxation in a Turkish baths, there are plenty of activities to keep everyone happy.

Make the most of some of Britain’s most brilliant attractions with our top 5 recommendations below.

1. Whitby Abbey

Far more than just the British beacon for fish and chips, Whitby calls itself home to the remarkable Whitby Abbey. Originally founded in 657AD by the Saxon King of Northumbria, the attraction’s visitor centre features digital reconstructions of the original building, audio tours, and plenty of trivia regarding those who lived in the abbey itself.

Back in 1890, a lad called Bram Stoker found himself totally inspired by the ruins – channeling the gothic vibes to write a book you might’ve heard of: Dracula.

This seaside town has so much to offer!


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2. Manchester - Science and Industry Museum

Let’s face it, it’s January and it’s likely that the weather’s not going to be in your favour. If you’re a little averse to the wet and windy, why not hunker down in the Science and Industry Museum.

Here you can explore 250 years of innovations and ideas that started life in Manchester and went on to change the world. Plan your visit today!

3. Harrogate - Turkish Baths

What better way to brush off the frost of January than with a revitalising dip in a 19th century Turkish bath in the Victorian town of Harrogate. The town itself is known as a classic spa town – a perfect destination to set yourself on the right foot ahead of a brand new year.

Only seven Victorian Turkish Baths remain in Britain. This destination in Harrogate is adorned with Islamic arches and screens, terrazzo floors and all manner of elegant features certified to impress you, your partner and all your friends once they see the photos.

Once you’re suitably pampered, pop into the town and enjoy the independent boutiques, antique stores and cosy-pubs to fill your boots good and proper.

4. Clifford’s Tower - York

Jump headfirst into centuries of history with a visit to Clifford’s Tower, just a 15-minute walk from York train station. The tower, over 800-years-old, reopened in 2022 following a £5 million project to transform and conserve the tower to provide mesmerising views and heart-rending history in tandem.

The inside of the tower, prior to restoration, was a hollow expanse. Now, when you visit in January, you’ll weave through new walkways and staircases that invite you to witness sections of the landmark that have been out of bounds for hundreds of years.

Take a moment to yourself as you step onto the brand new roof deck, drink in the cityscape and treat yourself to a day in one of Britain’s most glorious Medieval cities.

5. The Hepworth Wakefield Garden

The Hepworth Wakefield Garden, designed by internationally acclaimed landscape architect Tom Stuart-Smith, is free for all to enjoy.

The garden features outdoor sculptures and hosts a variety of special events.

A suitably sensational selection of trips and destinations for your January calendar. Start the year right and get yourself out, exploring all the greatness that our routes have to offer.

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