Your guide to using the automatic ticket gates at Blackpool North, Leeds, Manchester Oxford Road, Manchester Victoria and Bradford Interchange.

Introducing the Debt Recovery and Prosecutions Unit

Introducing the Debt Recovery and Prosecutions Unit Welcome to the Debt Recovery and Prosecutions Unit (DRPU). If you are reading this page then it is likely you are seeking advice in relation to a fare dispute. Arriva Rail North Limited (Northern) is required by the terms of its franchise to ensure that it protects revenue from ticket sales. This is a sensible requirement designed to ensure...

Stay Safe and Avoid Accidents

Car parking facilities are available at stations throughout the Northern network.

Northern Network Map Northern Rail services call at over 500 stations (approximately 20% of all UK railway stations), of which we manage 464.

If you are making the same journey on 3 or more days within a week a Season ticket is likely to offer better value than daily tickets. Season Tickets are valid for 7 consecutive days or for any period from a calendar month up to a year. They can be used for return journeys between the two stations printed on the ticket. 

JourneyCheck gives you real-time updates on any disruption or issues affecting your route or train.

All of our current timetables are now available to view online.

Get tickets straight to your phone and streamline your journey with Northern’s free mobile app.

Northern Connect Northern Connect is our brand name for a group of specific routes which will connect our customers on the longer journeys in our franchise from December 2019. The investment and improvements will include: - Fast, comfortable, inter-urban network- Introduced in stages up to December 2019- Connects all cities and towns with population over 85000 (unless served by metro or other...