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Industrial action 1-9 December
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What to expect on board our trains and how to get the most out of a journey with Northern

Whether you're preparing for a journey with us, or are looking to get the most out of your trip - here are some of the great features and experiences we hope you'll enjoy onboard our Northern trains. 

We look forward to you travelling with us soon. 


You can enjoy free Wi-Fi on all our new and digital refurbished trains. We’re working to add Wi-Fi to our remaining fleet. To connect, simple search for Northern Wi-Fi when on board, enter your email address and enjoy free Wi-Fi. 


Bikes are allowed on our trains, and a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. Bike spaces are limited and will be first come first serve. We ask everyone with a bike to use the dedicated spaces for bikes and not to block doors, walkways and accessible areas. Find out more information about bikes on Northern trains here.

Priority seats 

Priority seats can be found on all our trains near to the trains doors. Please make sure you leave these or offer them to those who need them, such as the elderly, pregnant or people with reduced mobility. We offer a priority seat card, more details can be found here.


We ask that people are mindful of how much luggage they bring on board and to use dedicated luggage spaces, overhead racks, or under seats. Do not block the trains doors, walkways or use seats for luggage.

Assisted travel

If you require assistance at the station to get on and off the train, our team will be happy to help. We advise people to book in advance so that our teams are aware. Find out more about our assisted travel programme here.

Finding a seat

On our newer trains we are able to predict how busy a train will be based on historical data. This may help you in deciding which train to catch. Use our station pages to check your train before travelling.

Better way to go

Whilst you've been away, we've been working on a series of new projects and upgrades right across our network. We’re excited for you to experience these changes, large and small, first hand when you return to travelling with Northern. But for now you can find a snapshot of these here.

Northern App

Streamline your journey and get tickets straight to your phone. Making your journey contact-free.

Northern App

Streamline your journey and get tickets straight to your phone. Making your journey contact-free.