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Industrial action 1-9 December
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Here at Northern, we’re always looking at ways to improve what we do – for the customers that travel with us, the communities we serve and our staff who continue to keep the North moving.

We really want to be the best we can be, but the truth is, we wouldn’t be able to get there without one important ingredient - you - our customer.

Who are the Northerneers?

  • The Northerneers are a panel of over 9,000 Northern customers who give their feedback and opinions on rail across the North
  • You’ll be able to share your views about the things that matter most to you through regular surveys - there will also be the opportunity to help us test new products, and work more closely with us via focus groups and customer diaries. 
  • As we go, we’ll keep you updated with the findings from our Northerneers
  • By being an active Northerneer, you'll ultimately be able to help shape the future of a better Northern
  • As a thank you for taking part, each time you complete a survey, we will enter you into a monthly prize draw to win a gift voucher up to the value of £100.

What does my feedback mean to Northern?

Your insight and feedback is hugely important to us. Not only will it enable us to provide a better service for our customers, but it will give us the opportunity to develop new and exciting products which match the needs of everyone in an ever-changing world.

By understanding the areas where we’re doing well and those where we could improve, we can put your feedback into action and develop a railway in the North that everyone can be proud of.

Latest results from our Northerneers...

Our last survey was tall about on board announcements and our marketing themes.

Here are some of the findings we found most interesting:

Latest results from our Northerneers...

Fit for purpose

63% of respondents agreed that announcements are fit for purpose.

Regional Accents

66% of respondents said that they’d like to hear a mixture of regional accents - matched to the location of a train service.

Marketing Themes

67% of respondents agreed that having the four marketing themes makes messaging easy to understand.

How can I get involved?

Simply sign up below, answer a few questions to tell us a bit about yourself and that’s it – you’re all on board.

Become a Northerneer

Meet the Customer Insight team

We think it's important you know exactly who you're receiving our monthly surveys from (and who's sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for your responses to come back) when you're a Northerneer. Forming the Customer Insight team, James and Katie use the data you provide to support the business in understanding what our customers want, and how we can improve.

Customer Insight team - Katie - Customer Insight AnalystKatie

Hi, I'm Katie and I'm the Customer Insight Analyst at Northern. I live in Leeds with my boyfriend and grumpy cat Doogle. I'm at my happiest when exploring new places, dancing in a muddy field at a festival or spending time with friends and family.



James Fowler, Customer Insight ManagerJames

Hi I'm James, the Customer Insight Manager at Northern.  I live in Leeds, but my roots and homeland are in Northumberland.  My passions include rugby league, country music and exploring abroad and at home  - I recently completed a challenge to visit every city in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Other opportunities to have your say

  • Station/train feedback: You’ll soon start to see QR codes dotted around some of our stations and trains asking for micro-feedback on your journey – we’re trialling this to see how well it works, and very excited to see the results. Please let us know how we’re doing.
  • Follow-up surveys: Recently taken a trip with us or had to access our Customer Experience team? Check your inbox to help us improve the service you received.
  • Travel updates: Scan the QR code you see at the station or on the train to get live travel information about your journey and your destination station. This is another product (called Whoosh) that we are trialling with a tech start up – let us know what you think!
  • Route enhancements: The Transpennine Route Upgrade is due to kick off in the summer, promising to improve future journey times and the overall on-board experience. We are working with other train operators and Network Rail to ensure the works go as smoothly as possible for our customers. Watch out for opportunities to feed into the planning and delivery of this important project.

When you take part in one of our surveys, you'll be entered into a monthly prize draw where you could win a gift voucher up to the value of £100. 

From time to time, we will update you with exciting results from surveys you’ve taken part in. These will be sent to you by email and will give you the opportunity to see what others are thinking of everything happening at Northern. We'll also pick out some of the findings we find most interesting and will include them on the Northerneers webpage.

As our Northerneers panel continues to grow, we may want to do focus groups or similar sessions with you. We’ll give you the opportunity to sign up to these when they come by.

Nothing too scary – just a few details on who you are and how you use Northern.

Qualtrics are the third-party provider of the survey software we use to conduct our Northerneers surveys.

Your privacy is protected the same way it is when you use our services. You can read more about this in our Privacy Policy.

As things come up at Northern, we may want to hear your thoughts – we will send out invites to surveys just once or twice a month.

If you no longer want to take part in the Northerneers panel, let us know by emailing us at [email protected]. You’ll just need to let us know your full name and email address.

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Northern App

Streamline your journey and get tickets straight to your phone. Making your journey contact-free.