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Industrial action 1-9 December
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Here at Northern, we take cyber security extremely seriously. We have a dedicated Cyber Security and Compliance Team, who are committed to working towards keeping our customers and colleagues safe. We believe it's extremely important for our customers to consider the importance of cyber security, and how it may relate to their life.

Here are some useful tips to support you.

Tips for communications

Phishing attacks come in many forms. Fake texts, emails, phone calls, anything to make you panic and react quickly.

Email phishing

Emails being sent with malicious attachments and links


Text messages being sent with malicious links


Persuasive techniques used over the phone for personal information exchange

Tips to keep you safe against phishing

  • Take the time to stop and think. Do things feel off? Always take extra time to double check that everything feels legitimate
  • Limit sharing personal information online
  • If you receive an unexpected email or text, study the senders email address, links and attachments. Make sure to watch out for grammatical, spelling and formatting errors
  • Use a unique, random password for each account, making sure passwords are memorable but do not include personal information. Remember, the longer the password the better!
  • Consider using Multi Factor Authentication to generate an additional security layer to online accounts.

Tips on using websites and applications safely

  • Check the website address. Does it start with HTTPS and is there a padlock symbol? If so, the connection is secure
  • Browse websites for spelling, grammatical and formatting errors. Stop and think, does what the website offers seem to good to be true? Are online reviews new and similar?
  • When using public WI-FI, consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), to create a secure connection
  • Once finished, consider logging out of all online accounts and regularly clear browser and cookie history.

How to avoid social media scams

Social media scams use techniques to impersonate legitimate organisations, typically through creating Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages, offering competitions to win a prize. This may involve liking, commenting, sharing a post, or clicking a link. These scams are all designed to gather your personal information. 

Always make sure you are interacting with legitimate social media pages.

Protecting your physical security

  • Be aware of your surroundings by keeping your distance between others and remain vigilant
  • Always shield you PIN and don't get distracted. Keep an eye on your card or payment device at all times
  • Inspect payment machines and their pin pads. Look for physical abnormalities and what you are asked to do
  • QR code phishing tricks you into giving away personal information. Think before you scan. Is the QR code part of the display? Preview the QR codes URL before opening the link and study what it asks you to do.

Online help

These helpful tips can be used when thinking about most online encounters in your everyday life. If you are concerned that you may have given your personal details away, you can contact Action Fraud UK

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