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Planned disruption

We’re trialling a much faster way to buy and renew Season tickets via the Northern app.

Tickets are now on sale in pilot areas

The new Barcode Season ticket lives on your mobile phone, saving you precious moments compared to buying in person and as you travel. Meaning you have a few extra minutes to hit snooze or grab a coffee for your journey!

Plus, they offer the same great value at up to 33% off regular day tickets.

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Please note: this ticket is currently being trialled on the following routes, on weekly and monthly season tickets bought online only:

  • Leeds <> Knaresborough
  • Leeds <> Castleford
  • Leeds <> New Pudsey
  • Leeds <> Ilkley
  • Leeds <> Skipton

(in both directions, including all stops)

More routes are coming soon...


How to choose a Barcode Season ticket

Barcode Season tickets will show as the default collection option in the Northern app or website when available in your area.

Tickets and times

Our free travel app is the new home for your season tickets

Tickets on your phone

Have an Apple device? Download on the App Store

Streamline your journey

Android user? Get it on Google Play

...and the pros of season tickets over daily tickets?

  • Save up to 33%* with a weekly season ticket
  • Unlimited travel between your two stations
  • No need to queue every day to buy a ticket
  • Huge savings over the course of a month or year
  • Online and ticket machine collection now available

Use our season ticket savings calculator to see how much you can save vs your current ticket.

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Need more flexibility?

Northern's new Flexi Season ticket is a bulk purchase of 8 days of travel in 28 days - any time between two stations - offering flexibility and savings for anybody now working 2-3 days in the workplace.

Flexi Season tickets

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Commuter perks

As a little "thank you" for travelling with Northern, we've got some great perks to brighten up your journey. Use them to learn a new skill, grab breakfast on the go or read your favourite magazines on-board. What's more, you can use our free WiFi on-board ...

More info

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Barcode Season ticket?

Barcode is a new collection option on adult Weekly and Monthly season tickets.

Unlike a  Smartcard or paper ticket, it appears instantly within the Northern app after purchase. As such, they make it even easier and faster to buy and travel to work by train.

Download the Northern app (on Apple on Android)


Is there any difference in price between a Barcode Season and a Smart or Paper Season?

There is no difference in price regardless of the fulfilment method, whether that be Barcode, Smartcard or paper.


Where are Barcode Season tickets currently available?

This ticket is currently being trialled on the following routes:

  • Leeds<>Knaresborough
  • Leeds<>Castleford
  • Leeds<>New Pudsey
  • Leeds<>Ilkley
  • Leeds<>Skipton

(in both directions, including all stops)


When will Barcode Season tickets be available elsewhere?

  • More routes are coming soon... Please check back for more information and subscribe to the Northern newsletter here.


What phones work with a Barcode Season ticket?

  • iOS smartphone version 13.4 or later
  • Android smartphone version 5.0 or later

How do I purchase a Barcode Season ticket?

You can purchase barcode seasons through the Northern app or website.

Once within the app, select “Flexi & Seasons” and input Origin, destination, Date/time of search and relevant number of travellers. When proceeding to purchase, you will be asked how you want to collect the ticket and be presented with ‘barcode’ if available in your area.


Does I need a photocard?

Yes, it will now be digital. When buying your first barcode Season ticket you will be asked to upload or take a passport-style photo. 


How do I collect a Barcode Season ticket?

Tickets are then stored within the app, so you are required to have an online account with Northern and download the Northern app to access your ticket. You must download the ticket on your first trip.

Download the Northern app


How do I display my Barcode Season ticket?

Go into the Northern app and select the Season ticket in the “Mytickets” wallet area. You must download the ticket on your first trip and for each subsequent trip the app then generates a barcode coupon which is valid for 3 hours.


Is an internet connection required to download/display a Barcode Season?

Internet connection is required to download the barcode season ticket prior to the first journey of the day.

What do I do if I have problems with my Barcode Season ticket?

We recommend deleting and reinstalling the Northern app, turning your phone completely off and back on again.

If you still encountering an issue with your ticket please call our Customer Experience Centre on 0333 2220127. Station staff should also be on hand to help.

To help us with your enquiry please have ready:

  • Times/dates 
  • Any transaction references and error messages
  • An image of the ticket purchased for travel
  • The barcode season ticket number and booking reference (noting that a screenshot of the ticket cannot be made)


How do I change a Barcode Season ticket?

We offer our customers a refund on any additional tickets purchased on up to two occasions within a 12-month period, subject to a £10 admin fee.

In order to claim a refund, please have ready:

  • An image of the ticket purchased for travel
  • The barcode season ticket number and booking reference (noting that a screenshot of the ticket cannot be made)
  • Can I claim under the Delay Repay Scheme? Absolutely. Your rights under Delay Repay are exactly the same.


How do I get a refund on a Barcode Season ticket?

Customers can now claim a refund through the app under the 'my tickets' section and selecting 'request refund'.

Customers can still contact our customer experience team if they have any other queries.

What should I do if can’t display my ticket (e.g. device runs out of power)?

Power sockets now exist at every seat onboard Northern trains. If you are still unable to download your ticket and you are required to purchase a new ticket for travel that day.


What are the terms & Conditions for a Barcode Season?

Terms & conditions relating to the sale of season tickets remain the same regardless of the fulfilment method.

What information will you collect and share about me?

Full details can be found in Northern's Privacy Policy. All journey data is anonymised and used to help improve the services we provide.

Northern App

Streamline your journey and get tickets straight to your phone. Making your journey contact-free.

Northern App

Streamline your journey and get tickets straight to your phone. Making your journey contact-free.