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With 461 million rail passenger journeys throughout Great Britain in 2019, it appears that train travel is often chosen over other modes of transport by people travelling to work or school, heading out for the day, or taking a holiday. This figure echoes the popularity of train travel throughout Europe, and beyond, too, and with so many advantages over cars and other forms of public transport, it really isn’t surprising. 

Why choose train travel over road travel?

  • It's more environmentally friendly
  • Saves you money
  • Allows you to enjoy the countryside
  • You can stay connected using free onboard WiFi 
  • Make the most of your commute
  • It's stress free
  • It's one of the safest modes of transport


Car Train
Did you know that commuting alone in your car uses 158g per passenger mile? Using the train is statistically shown to be over 6 times more environmentally friendly than commuting in the car🌳
The price of fuel keeps rising ⛽💰 and inner city charges make it even more expensive to visit the city. Avoid 'Clean Air Zone' costs and save your money with the train. Book in advance, take advantage of travel cards and season tickets and save money for your day out!
Having to find a space and spending £15 on parking everytime you go to work 💰🅿️... The train helps you avoid the cost and hassle of parking, it allows you to just relax and enjoying travelling to your destination
The average commute time in the UK is 1 hour a day...that is around 221 hours in the year of time you can't get back! It is time to make a change, stop wasting time in the car...! Make the most of your commute... Using the train means you have lots of options; you can read your book 📚, stream music 🎶 or the latest podcast 🎧 or start your work day early 💻with our free WiFi!
There is no way around it, sitting in traffic is stressful! 🚗🚚🚌🏍️🚗😤 Avoid raising your heartrate, instead enjoy the city sights and scenery of the North; gaze across the vale of York or witness the hubbub of Newcastle from the tracks rather than having to be focussed on the road or car in front!
Kids stressing you out needing long breaks on a journey 😡 Allow your kids to colour, play game or walk around, use the toilets or watch their favourite show in peace, the train is a far easier way to travel without stopping on long family journeys
Time, money and hassle spent on your MOT, repairs and maintenance 💸 Reduce your annual outgoings and save on MOT and emergency repair costs - you don't have to worry about the maintenance of the train! 🛠️

We think the train offers loads of advantages over car travel, read more about transport modal shift to understand why migrating to rail is the future

Take the train and save money on fuel costs

Modal Shift Transport

The world is having to rapidly develop new ways to help the environment survive, and modal shifting is becoming more important, both in terms of contributing to sustainability and encouraging economic recovery. Modal shifting is essentially shifting ...

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Environmentally friendly

Train travel is the most environmentally friendly form of travel asides from walking or cycling. Although there are multiple variables to consider, catching the train almost always results in less greenhouse gas emissions than the same journey taken by car. Noise and air pollution are far less, too. 

The ability of trains to carry multiple passengers, unlike a motor vehicle allows any harmful emissions to be spread across many people, keeping the individual’s carbon footprint down. 

Find out out more about sustainable public transport. 

Saves money

With rapidly rising fuel costs, travelling anywhere by car is becoming more and more expensive, not to mention the lack of free parking in many destinations. This makes the train a cost-effective option, over both long and short distances. If you can book your tickets well in advance, or take advantage of travel cards and season tickets, train travel becomes saves you even more money. 

Why not compare your train vs car journey with our Cost, Time and Carbon Footprint Calculator?  It can help you to make informed choices about your travel and compare your train journey to the same journey via car to see how you can save pennies, time and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Enjoy the countryside

Another advantage of train travel is the luxury of enjoying the countryside. When driving, you’re focused on the road ahead, and as a passenger, often views are obscured by hedges and other obstacles. With the height advantage afforded by a train carriage and the larger windows, you can see so much more. 

It’s a well-documented fact that allowing yourself to enjoy nature in all its beauty is hugely beneficial to our mental health, and whether you’re commuting to work or heading out on an adventure, this can only be a good thing. 

Stay connected

More and more train companies are offering their passengers free WiFi, allowing them to stream music, download films and so much more without using up their personal data allowance. 

Making the most of your commute

By taking the car to work, your commute is time wasted, and for those with a busy schedule, this can be a real worry. Trains provide space for each passenger to set up a laptop, connect to WiFi, and continue to work. 

Stress free travel

There’s no getting away from it, but cars, driving, and the other road users can all increase our stress levels. Country lanes stuck behind tractors, the tedium of motorways and everything in between, and that’s without trying to find somewhere to park at the destination. Taking the train allows you to relax, take a breath and arrive ready for the day ahead. 

Read more about using your journey for your mental wellbeing.


According to the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) rail travel is over 20 times safer than the same length of journey by car. 

Britain’s roads see over 1,500 fatalities reported every year. These statistics highlight the impeccable safety record of the UK rail network - another advantage of train transport over cars. 

Free WiFi

Enjoy free, continuous WiFi

Stress free travel

Using your journey for wellbeing

What are the benefits of train travel?

Whether we travel for work, or for leisure, catching the train has numerous benefits over going anywhere by road. From ensuring our carbon footprint is as small as possible, to looking after our mental health, you’d be surprised at the amount of benefits the train offers over other forms of transport. 

Is rail transport cost-effective?

The cost of living is rising, and with it, the price of fuel, car insurance and parking fees. MOTs, too, are becoming harder to pass, with older vehicles regularly failing on the emissions tests, and with more cities introducing an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), this all adds to the daily cost of driving. 

With each additional cost, train travel becomes more attractive, and there’s little doubt that it makes financial sense to go by rail. Booking in advance, using a season ticket for regular journeys, or purchasing a travel card all increase the money you’ll save by taking the train.


Trains are simply the best form of transport for so many reasons. They are an environmentally friendly, cost-effective way to get from A to B. But more than that, train travel is good for our mental health - gazing out of the large windows at beautiful land or city scapes lowers blood pressure, keeping stress to a minimum.

Northern App

Streamline your journey and get tickets straight to your phone. Making your journey contact-free.

Northern App

Streamline your journey and get tickets straight to your phone. Making your journey contact-free.