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Industrial Action - Do Not Travel - 18 & 20 August
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As more people head back to the workplace and to school or college, there is an ever-increasing need for to be focused on mental wellbeing. 

There are many things that we as individuals can do, and one of these could be using your Northern journey as an opportunity to build your ‘mental strength’.

As the world starts to ‘get back to normal’, many of us will be feeling confused, worried and a little apprehensive – and confidence levels might be not what they were prior to the pandemic.

There are many resources available to help, and as a starting point we have put together the following list of tips for you to get the most from your journey with Northern, wherever it may take you  

Plan & prepare

A few minutes’ thought the night before can save a lot of minutes’ stress the following day! Timetables may have changed, there may be different requirements of you as a passenger such as wearing a mask and keeping socially distanced, and if you are prepared for this, the journey will get off to a much better start.


Before you head back to school or work, take time to re-connect with your friends and colleagues whether via message, phone or in person (keeping in line with the Government guidelines for contact of course). To the degree that you are comfortable, share your thoughts and concerns, and you will find that others are feeling the same.

Arrange for a ‘Return to Work’ conversation

Employers will be taking steps to make the workplace safe, and you should ask for details if the information is not forthcoming! There will no doubt be physical changes but also potentially different working practices in place to keep everyone safe … make sure you know what these are and how they affect you.

Take one step at a time

We have all been through a period of significant change, and we should remember to be kind to ourselves (and others!) as we navigate our way back to ‘normal’.

Your journey with Northern may be an opportunity for you to simply sit and do nothing – if this is your choice, then enjoy it! We are ‘human beings’ and not ‘human doings’, so taking the time just to ‘be’ rather than ‘do’ is absolutely allowed and indeed encouraged! You may wish to use the time to catch up on your reading, whether that be a ‘real book’, an online version or an audio book that you can lose yourself in for the duration of your journey.

Or how about a podcast? There are so many out there, serving a whole variety of audiences! Some that we like:



Meditation is increasingly being recognised as a great way to ensure good mental wellbeing, and the following apps are all helpful whether you are a beginner or a more practiced meditator:

Of course many of our Northern customers might wish to catch up on work during their journey, to prepare for their day, or to reflect on the day during the journey home …

Whatever way you use your Northern journey, we can give you the assurance that we are taking every measure to keep you safe, to make it as comfortable as possible and to welcome you back – we’ve missed you!

Author: Nina Lockwood

  • Nina Lockwood is the Founder & Managing Director of Intuitive Interim & Executive Search. 
  • Intuitive provide exceptional Board level and senior management talent to organisations across the UK Rail Sector, covering both Executive Search and interim management consultancy. 

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Streamline your journey and get tickets straight to your phone. Making your journey contact-free.