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If you travel on the same route every week, a weekly train ticket can save you money and hassle. Northern offer several types of weekly season tickets, designed to cater for a range of passenger requirements. You can even purchase them online or through our free mobile app. Of course, you can buy them at the regular ticket office or machine, too, if that’s what you prefer.  

What is a weekly train ticket?

Northern’s weekly train ticket, or Season ticket, gives unlimited travel between two chosen stations and is available as standard, first-class or child, as well as adult variations. Much more budget-friendly than buying a ticket every day, you can also enjoy free weekend travel when taking the same route. 

If you wish to upgrade from standard to first-class or travel outside the route shown on your ticket, there’s no problem, just pay the top-up. 

A Weekly Season ticket can save you up to 33%, and instead of the traditional paper tickets, you can choose a Smartcard version. Hard wearing, with a shelf life of 10 years, Smartcards offer a quick and convenient way to buy a Weekly Season ticket or renew your existing one. 

See what you can save by using our season ticket savings calculator.

What are the benefits of a weekly train ticket?

Buying a Weekly Season ticket offers numerous benefits over purchasing your ticket every day.

  • Huge savings to be made - up to 33%
  • Free weekend travel between your named stations
  • Unlimited journeys on your chosen route
  • Safe, contactless ticket use
  • Avoid annoying queues
  • Available as a hard-to-lose Smartcard

How to buy a weekly train ticket

You can purchase your weekly train ticket easily through the free app which can be downloaded to a mobile device. The on-screen instructions make the process quick and simple, and your Smart ticket will be saved to your phone, or collected from your local station.

If you prefer, you can buy your Season ticket in person at the station, or from a ticket machines available at most stations, either in the form of the more traditional paper ticket, or as a Smartcard.

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Commuter perks

As a little "thank you" for travelling with Northern, we've got some great perks to brighten up your journey. Use them to learn a new skill, grab breakfast on the go or read your favourite magazines on-board. What's more, you can use our free WiFi on-board ...

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When compared to standard tickets, buying a Season ticket can offer significant savings. With Northern’s weekly train ticket, the smallest amount you’ll save is 20%.

A Weekly Season ticket can be used on most routes, and with multiple railway operators. You’ll be made aware of any restrictions when you purchase your ticket, allowing you to plan accordingly.

Northern App

Streamline your journey and get tickets straight to your phone. Making your journey contact-free.

Northern App

Streamline your journey and get tickets straight to your phone. Making your journey contact-free.