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March brings with it the return of Spring (thank goodness) and hopefully an improvement in the weather, although there are never any guarantees with the British climate! With the warmer weather coming, and before the April showers hit, there are so many activities for you to get out and enjoy. We have some beautiful towns and cities in the North of England, there you can make the most of being able to wander around outdoors without needing 10 layers of warm clothing, but if the weather does turn again, you can make the most of the museums, art galleries, cafes and bars that line the streets. 

From afternoon teas and distillery tours, to exploring the beautiful towns of Chester and Bakewell, there is plenty to keep you occupied throughout March and beyond. 

Take a peep at these five ideas for fantastic days out, suitable for families, couples or those who enjoy roaming by themselves.

1. Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery Tour & Deep Dive Tasting

This one’s for all you whiskey lovers out there. Join the team on a Friday afternoon for a deep-dive into the inner workings of the home of Yorkshire’s first single malt whisky.

Shortlisted for the Yorkshire Post’s 2022 ‘Attraction of the Year’, you’ll learn all about the process of creating the whiskey, before jumping into a thorough tasting of all their latest releases and exclusive drams. Certain drinks you’ll enjoy are only available to taste during these tastings, and no two visits will ever feature the same taste.

Plus, you’re just a stone's throw away from Filey Beach! Take a woozy wander when you’re done.

2. Chester Roman Soldier Walking Tour

Who better to guide you through the historic beauty of Chester than a suited up Roman soldier? This unique walking tour will stroll you through the city’s inimitable Roman landmarks. You’ll saunter through the Roman Amphitheatre, the Roman Gardens and drift along the remarkable city walls, learning entertaining stories about its history as you go.

With the Cathedral and Zoo also not too far of a stretch, you can make a great day out in Chester – Roman or otherwise!

3. Skipton Afternoon Tea Cruise

Cup of tea, couple of sandwiches, and a scenic boat ride? What’s not to love. This aquatic adventure will run you through Snaygill, listed in the Domesday Book as being owned by William The Conqueror.

Uncover the historical, industrial history of Skipton whilst basking in the verdant landscapes that surround the town.

4. Mother Shipton’s Cave

The story goes that Ursula Southeil, better known as Mother Shipton, was born in this cave on the night of a thunderstorm. Residing between here and the local forest, Ursula soon gained a reputation for… being able to predict the future! Local residents would flock to her to learn their fortunes.
Some of her predictions include: The Great Fire of London, the River Ouse flood in York and the defeat of the Spanish Armada.
We’re not too sure about all that, but the cave itself is a remarkable attraction that’ll certainly leave you feeling a little magical.

A hand-picked quintet of experiences to see you March through Winter and right onto Spring.

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