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Memorial planter unveiled at Altrincham station

19 December 2017
Northern has unveiled a planter at Altrincham station which has been design as a memorial to local worker Martyn Hett.

Martyn was a regular traveller on the Mid Cheshire Line, working at Rumpus in Altrincham, and sadly was among those who lost their lives in the Manchester Arena terror attack earlier this year.

Stuart Murray, Martyn’s step father said: “It’s quite amazing that this sort of thing is ongoing, and all these gestures of good will keep happening for Martyn. It seems that so many people have been touched by what’s happened, and want to do something in memory, or as an act of resilience towards it.”

“It’s very comforting for us to see it happening. It helps us as well, but in the bigger picture, it’s a defiant act and a memory of what’s happened. It’s really nice and very touching that all this has happened in memory of Martyn.”

The planter, which was officially unveiled on Wednesday 6 December, was donated by Northern and the community of Altrincham, in the hope that Martyn’s family will be able to find some comfort knowing he will be thought of everyday by passengers using the station.

Vicky Cropper, Regional Community and Sustainability Manager for Northern, said: “We are delighted to be able to donate this lovely planter in memory of Martyn. We are proud to support the local communities and families this tragedy affected. The planter is also there to be a comfort to other passengers who have lost a loved one, so they can take a moment to reflect and remember them.

“We are extremely grateful to the Friends of Altrincham Interchange, who suggested having this beautiful planter in memory of Martyn. The group was heavily involved in getting the planter ready, and will be the ones to take care of it going forward.”

Gareth Clements, Director of Rumpus, added: “Martyn travelled daily on this service and often had fond stories to tell of passenger encounters along the way, which provided him with some great social media content.

“This tribute is a constant reminder of a wonderful guy who graced so many lives.”

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