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Life just gets more exciting when you reach your 60th birthday, so with a Senior Railcard, there’ll be no stopping you. Offering ⅓ off countrywide rail fares for only £30 a year, you can travel where you like and as frequently as you wish - go and see the grandkids, take a weekend break with a loved one, or explore the beautiful, rugged coastlines around Britain - the choice is up to you.

Over 60s Railcard

You are still young at heart when you reach the milestone of your 60th birthday, and have a world of adventures to experience - there’s no slowing down with just a number. With the discounted Senior Railcard those adventures become easier to afford. Offering you a ⅓ off rail fares around Britain, the over 60s Railcard costs just £30 for one whole year, with no time restrictions, allowing you the freedom to travel where you wish, and when, in comfort and style. Whether it’s a visit to see the grandchildren, sightseeing in the glorious city of York, or you long to experience the remote beauty of the North Yorkshire Moors, it’s all there waiting for you.

Am I eligible for a Senior Railcard?

If you’re aged 60 or over, you’re eligible for an over 60s Railcard. If buying online through Northern’s easy-to-use system, you can purchase your Railcard up to two weeks before your birthday, and look forward to your big day when you can enjoy those discounted fares. If you prefer to purchase your new Railcard directly, head for your nearest staffed station on, or after your birthday, to receive your Senior Railcard and start planning your adventures.

How much can I save with a Senior Railcard?

A Senior Railcard enables you to travel across Britain, with no time restrictions whatsoever, for ⅓ less than Standard, First Class Anytime, Advance and Off-Peak tickets. There’s no minimum or maximum fare, either, so if you only wish to travel a short distance, you can, or if you fancy a trip cross country, that’s fine, too.

How much does the Senior Railcard cost?

The over 60s Railcard costs just £30 for a whole year, or £70 for three full years, and there’s no limit to how many journeys you make. Catching a show, a romantic meal for you and your loved one, or exploring Britain, if you wish to travel every day to a different place, you can.

Where can I use the Senior Railcard?

Your Railcard can be used throughout Great Britain on the National Rail Network.

Where can I buy a Senior Railcard?

The quickest way to purchase your Railcard is from the Senior Railcard website; however, if you prefer, pop along to your nearest staffed station with some proof of age, or ring 0345 3000 250.

Your new Railcard can either be sent through the post to you or, if you want to go exploring immediately, you can receive a virtual card on your mobile phone - the choice is yours.

Not eligible for a Senior Railcard? There are a number of other Railcards available, including the options below:

Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently asked questions about buying a Senior Railcard.

An OAP Railcard is another name used for the Senior Railcard. Our Senior Railcard can be used by anyone aged 60 and over, giving you 1/3 off rail fares across Great Britain. 

No, unfortunately not. The Senior Railcard discount doesn't apply to Season tickets. 

The only thing you need to purchase a Senior Railcard is a passport-style photo and a driving licence or valid passport. 

Northern App

Streamline your journey and get tickets straight to your phone. Making your journey contact-free.

Northern App

Streamline your journey and get tickets straight to your phone. Making your journey contact-free.