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Conditions of Travel

When you buy a ticket to travel on the railway network you enter into an agreement with the Northern. That agreement gives you the right to make the journey, or journeys, between the stations shown on the ticket you have bought. The National Rail Conditions of Travel are also part of that agreement and they apply to all domestic (non-international) journeys by scheduled passenger train services of the Northern and other Train Operating Companies (TOCs) on the railway network of Great Britain.

The National Rail Conditions of Travel set out your rights and any restrictions of those rights. The National Rail Conditions of Travel therefore set out the minimum level of service you are entitled to expect. Each of the individual TOCs also have their own terms and conditions that are applicable if they are operating the service you use to make your journey. These are available to view online on each of the individual TOC websites.

Northern's ticket office staff will give advice about tickets, and any restrictions concerning their use.

A pdf version of these conditions is available by clicking here