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You can instantly plan and buy tickets for any train journey and view real-time information for any train service with:

  • STRAIGHT TO MOBILE TICKETS (for journeys by Northern)

You can reserve seats for longer journeys, download tickets straight to your phone or collect them from a station in 15 minutes. The app automatically finds the best fare for your journey. We’ll even remember what you looked at to make it easy next time.

Our real time information comes fresh from National Rail Enquiries and lets you check any train service in Great Britain, including ours. You can see the departure times, platforms (for most places), and check how trains are running at any National Rail station.

We’re proud to provide local and regional services with more than 2,500 trains every day operating at over 500 stations in the North of England.


Keep your app updated in three simple steps 

Check the store

The app should update within the next week. If you don't have automatic updates, you may have to check your app store for the latest version of the app.

Check your password

For security, you'll need to re-login when your app updates. You can reset or change your password via your account here.

Before you travel

If you have m-tickets or regularly buy tickets on the Northern app, we recommend you check you can login to the app before travelling.