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Timetables will change 16 May 2021

Northern’s timetables will change on 16 May and we’ll be running more frequent services on many routes. We’re looking forward to welcoming you back.

Please check online here for the latest timetables, which may have changed since you planned your journey. We have temporarily removed or reduced services on a handful of routes on the network, which may affect your journey.

Some services may be busy, especially at peak times or to tourist destinations, so please consider travelling at quieter times if you can.

If it’s your first time travelling with us for a while, follow our advice for how to travel safely.


 Visit National Rail Enquiries 

for up-to-date information about your upcoming journey. 


Frequently asked questions 

Why is the timetable changing? 

Rail timetable changes usually happen twice a year and, as people return to rail, we are ready to open up more services to customers.


Why have you chosen to reduce services on a few routes 

The decision to temporarily withdraw a small number of services is not one that was taken lightly, but we have had to prioritise reliability and stability in light of the reduced number of trains we have available. The routes we have chosen are well served either by other Northern services, other operators or good alternative transport options. 


Will services be crowded with the changes you are making? If so, which routes?  

We are confident that we have the capacity to meet the projected levels of demand. We have conducted a thorough assessment of anticipated demand – beyond May 2021 – and our ongoing timetables are designed to reflect that demand.

On some routes we may need to limit the number of carriages we use in response to the small reduction in available trains. Where possible, tried to restrict this to routes which already have longer trains. It is, however, possible that any service across the Northern network could operate with a reduced number of carriages.


Will you be making trains longer to allow for social distancing?  

We have a finite number of carriages available to use and, with some of our new trains temporarily removed from service, face an even greater challenge to provider longer trains. Some services – particularly to popular destinations and at peak times – may be busy and we are calling on all customers to plan travel carefully and, where possible, to make journeys outside of traditional busier periods. 


I've already booked a train that has now been cancelled, what should I do?  

Anyone whose booked service has been cancelled should contact our Customer Experience Centre as soon as possible on 0800 200 6060.


When will you be running a full timetable again?

The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on many parts of society, and this includes the railway. We have conducted a thorough assessment of anticipated demand and our ongoing timetables are designed to reflect that demand. We will continue to reintroduce services when we can.


Are your services affected by the recent faults found on some Hitachi trains?

No, we don't use the Hitachi 800-class trains.

We recently issued a statement about a separate issue with our CAF trains.