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Having the driver operate the doors will allow the conductor more time to focus on our customers. They will provide better customer service, including meeting customer needs on accessibility, safety, security, ticketing and information.

DCO will also enable more services, as it means trains can run more punctually.

As well as becoming more visible and freeing up staff to devote to customers, including people who need assistance getting on and off the train, this is a quicker way of checking that it is safe for the train to leave a station. This saves time, and means that trains are more punctual and delays following disruption are reduced faster.

Allowing the driver to control the doors also means more reliable journeys, as services would not need to be cancelled if on-board staff are ill or not available. That means fewer delays for customers at stations along the route and reduces the knock-on effect to the wider timetable

‘Where the driver is responsible for the train’s departure, there is a lower risk of an accident than with a conductor dispatching’ - June 2018 report from Rail Safety and Standards Board.