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Northern are committed to increasing the number of cycle-rail users, and our Cycling Promise details how we plan to achieve this.

Our Customer Promise, first published in September 2016, highlighted the publication of a Cycling Promise, which would be available to our customers in July 2017. This is the first publication of our Promise, which demonstrates our commitment to cycle-rail travel. The combination of cycle and rail journeys offers a reliable, low cost, time and space efficient way to travel in a way which is environmentally friendly, healthy and enjoyable.

Many cycle-rail-cycle journeys provide the fastest overall way to travel door-to-door. You gain reliable journeys, without the need to search for a parking space, wait for a bus or a taxi and get some exercise that can make you feel good. With local and national agencies we can bring more homes and destinations within 10 to 20 minutes easy riding from a train service, via cycle routes and regular roads.

To view or download our Cycle Promise, click here.