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COVID has made life much more challenging for everyone. All those daily life admin decisions that you would make instinctively and without much thought have now become more complex. We can’t help with everything, but we can help make the return to your office commute as simple a decision as possible.

Whether you are returning to 5 days a week or splitting your time with a couple of days at home and in the office, or you just don’t know, we have ticket options for whatever your situation and a simple to use tool to help you make that decision. Our refund process has also been simplified so don’t worry if your circumstances change, you can purchase with piece of mind.

And remember to buy before you board, this helps keep things simple and safe, you can do this contact free via our app or by using our in-station ticket office.


Which ticket is best for you?

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How to Buy a Smart Flexi Ticket

Take the stress out of your return

Establishing a new routine can be stressful. We have asked our customers for some tips to make things easier and some of the best suggestions below. We hope they help! 

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Why not try reading and listening to some wellbeing information on the way to work? This is a good place to start


It's a fact that laughter decreases stress levels and makes us feel good. Why not stream some of one of the norths finest, Bob Mortimer's greatest moments on Would I Lie To You and laugh your way to work. bob mortimer would i lie to you youtube - Bing video


Pack your bag the night before work. Things are going to feel more challenging for a while so take one potential element of stress out of your morning routine



Here when you need us most

Great offers for job seekers and the newly employed

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What are we doing to make your journey safe?




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Please check the latest national travel restrictions prior to your journey and only travel if you need to.