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Please be aware that some of our services are designated ‘dry trains’, meaning no alcohol is allowed on board during the journey.

These designated ‘dry train’ operations are in place on certain services with previous reports of alcohol related antisocial behaviour and disorder. 

When a ‘dry train’ operation is in place, staff will instruct customers against drinking or concealing alcohol on board the train. Being obviously drunk and therefore unsafe to travel, or trying to conceal alcohol, will lead to refusal of travel under the railway byelaws and potentially prosecution.

If you do have alcohol before travel, you will be asked to dispose of it at the barrier before boarding the train. You will not be permitted to travel with alcohol, there are no exceptions made to this rule.

The following services are designated dry trains:



19:44 - Whitby – Middlesbrough (March – October)


19:23 -  Newcastle – Carlisle (all year)

21:25 -  Newcastle – Carlisle (all year)


19:09 - Carlisle – Whitehaven (all year)

20:00 - Carlisle – Whitehaven (all year)

21:06 - Carlisle – Whitehaven (all year)

21:49 - Carlisle – Whitehaven (all year)


21:43 - Manchester Piccadilly to Stoke-on-Trent (November – December).



We also reserve the right to operate the last services on those routes as dry services on Bank Holiday Sundays too.


The decision to implement dry trains is not taken lightly or without real reasons for doing so. Thank you for your co-operation in preserving the safety of our staff and fellow customers.

Railway Byelaws are available from