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Severe weather warning (Cumbria)
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Industrial action 1-9 December
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Find out more about: 

  1. Buying a ticket
  2. Booking assistance
  3. Our trains
  4. What to do if your service is disrupted

Buying a ticket

Tickets can be bought online, on the Northern app or at our stations.

Buy tickets

At stations, tickets can be bought at the ticket offices or via our ticket vending machines which have a modern and intuitive design with a number of features which means they accessible for disabled customers too. 

Book assistance

You can book Passenger Assistance online. Our Passenger Assistance team are also on hand to help, plan your journey, book assistance, or answer any queries you may have. 

If relevant, read our customer guide on mobility scooters

Our trains


Please see our accessible toilets map for available facilities across the Northern network.

Accessible toilet map

Baby changing facilities

Our trains all have baby changing facilities onboard.

Support dogs

Support dogs are welcome on all Northern trains. 

What to do if your service is disrupted?

Northern is dedicated to providing the best service possible for their passengers, and although the majority of our trains run on time, unfortunately, delays and cancellations do occasionally happen.

If you have booked passenger assistance, please make a member of staff aware that your train has been cancelled and they can help with alternative arrangements.

Alternatively, our dedicated passenger assistance team can help 0800 138 5560 (Text Relay 18001 0800 138 5560).

There is nothing stopping you from catching a different Northern train if your service is cancelled. Just check our timetable to find an alternative train.

If the train you planned to catch is cancelled, you are entitled to claim a full refund on your ticket. A delay allows you to claim compensation, although the amount you can claim depends on the length of the delay.

Northern have designed Delay Repay specifically for a train not running on time. It works by offering passengers compensation if they arrive at their station 15 minutes or more after they were meant to because a Northern train was delayed or cancelled.

A wheelchair user and a person wearing a sunflower lanyard next to the word "A better way to go for everybody". On a yellow background.

Accessibility Hub

Join us on the journey to a more accessible North. We believe train travel should be easier for everyone. That’s why we’re making some big improvements, working hard to make our stations, trains and communities more accessible based on your valuable ...

Visit our hub for more information

Northern App

Streamline your journey and get tickets straight to your phone. Making your journey contact-free.

Northern App

Streamline your journey and get tickets straight to your phone. Making your journey contact-free.