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Save money when you use the train in conjunction with other modes of public transport. Available in five areas across the North, multi-modal tickets can save you money when you travel by train, bus, tram and ferry.

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The new MCard is about to transform the way you get about on public transport in West Yorkshire. West Yorkshire is served by dozens of different transport operators who run buses and trains from cities and town centres to little villages and off-the-beaten-track places. The MCard makes it easier to travel.

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Network One

Network One provides multi modal public transport around Tyne and Wear. You only need one ticket! There is a range of money saving travel tickets that you can buy covering bus, Metro, train and ferry.

Find out more about Network One Travel Tickets

System One

Want to travel on a combination of bus and train, or even bus, train and tram in Greater Manchester? Take a look at the range of Travelcards available in the System One range.

Find out more about the System One Travel Card

Saveaway and Trio

Travelling by public transport in Merseyside is often very cost-effective. Merseytravel offer a number of multi-modal tickets which cover travel on buses, trains and ferries.

Find out more about Saveaway and Trio


TravelMaster combines all your bus, train and tram journeys into one easy low-cost ticket. Save money with unlimited travel on local buses, trains and trams anywhere in South Yorkshire.

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For school and 6th form students GetAbout+ combines unlimited train, bus and tram journeys anywhere in South Yorkshire into one easy low-cost ticket. This ticket is available to under 18 year olds who hold a MegaTravel, Mega MiCard or 16-18 Student Pass.

Find out more about the GetAbout Travel Card


RailMaster allows you to save money on rail and tram travel with one easy ticket. Get unlimited rail travel in South Yorkshire and on the Sheffield Supertram network.

Find out more about RailMaster

Northern App

Streamline your journey and get tickets straight to your phone. Making your journey contact-free.

Northern App

Streamline your journey and get tickets straight to your phone. Making your journey contact-free.