Thanks for being one of the first people to take our new Smart Season Tickets for a spin. Your card is part of a pilot scheme to make buying tickets for all our regular travellers easier across the North. The trial is taking place on routes between Hull, Scarborough and Malton.


Using your Smart Season Ticket

Once you have picked up your card and it’s loaded with a season ticket, just board your train as usual. A conductor will scan and check your ticket.


You can renew your Smart Season Ticket at any time at your local ticket office.


Win a weekend break for two!

We’d like to know what you think of your new smart season ticket, so once you have used it for a few journeys, please follow the link below and tell us about your experience. All participant will be entered into a prize draw to win a weekend break for two in the UK.*


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*Competition closing date: 31 December 2018. Conditions apply. see website for details


Frequently asked questions 

What is a Smartcard?  

It is a plastic card with a microchip embedded in it for storing tickets.

How does a Smartcard work?

The ticket on your card can be read by conductors and station staff as well as ticket vending machines and barriers.

What are the benefits of using a Smartcard?

They are convenient, last longer and will soon be easy to top-up online.

Does the Smartcard replace my existing photocard?

Whilst you do not need a photocard to accomany your season ticket, you may be asked for another form of identification to validate you smartcard. 


Who can get a Smartcard? Is there an age restriction on smart cards?  can I get a Child (Under 16) ticket on a Smartcard? 

Smartcards are currently available for weekly, monthly and annual seasion tickets only.

How do I get a Smartcard?

Currently Beverley, Bridlington and Driffield  ticket offices are the only places Northern smartcards can be issued.

Can I still get a Smartcard if I don't have access to the website? 

Yes, at the ticket office.

Smart media – What information will customers provide when acquiring smart media?

Title, Forename, Surname, Address, email address, contact phone number.

Do I have to pay for a Smartcard?



Which tickets can I buy for my Smartcard?

Smartcards are currently available for weekly, monthly and annual season tickets only.


Can I use my railcard discount when I buy tickets to load onto the Smartcard?

Not at the moment as the cards are limited to season tickets only.

How long do I have to wait after registering before requesting a paper transfer?

At the moment paper tickets cannot be transferred to smartcard.

How do I buy and load a ticket onto my Smartcard?

At the moment tickets can only be loaded at ticket offices.

Where can I purchase my smart season ticket in person?

Currently Beverley, Bridlington and Driffield  ticket offices are the only places Northern smartcards can be issued.

Do I need a new Smartcard when my ticket expires?

No. but you do need to add another season ticket to travel

Can I transfer my paper Season ticket to my Smartcard?



Where can I use my Smartcard?

To begin with, Between Scarborough and Hull OR Scarborough and Malton.  New routes will be announced soon.

Which services can I use my Smartcard on?

You can use your smart card on any valid route that you have purchased and loaded a season ticket for.

Can more than one person travel using the same Smartcard?

No.  The ticket loaded on the card comes under the same regulations as paper tickets.  Tickets are not transferrable.

How will my Smart Card be inspected during the journey?

The conductor can scan your card to check it holds a valid ticket for the journey.

Can I get off somewhere, then catch a later train to complete my journey using my Smartcard?

No. Break of Journey is not available on Smart at present.

Ticket usage – How will tickets be activated and validated?

Cards are valid for travel as soon as a ticket is loaded.


How do I get a replacement Smartcard if it is lost or stolen? 

A dedicated telephone customer helpline is available for queries and to report lost cards. 0333 2220127.  

How do I change my personal details?

To change your personal details please go to the ticket office.

Customer support – How will customers be supported in inadvertent fraud scenarios?

If a card is lost or stolen, it needs to be reported to the ticket office or the dedicated support line who will arrange for the card to be disabled. This must be reported to enable a refund.

How do I change or get a refund on a Smart ticket?

For tickets bought at the ticket office, return to the ticket office.

Can I claim under the Delay Repay scheme?

Yes.  Your rights under delay repay are exactly the same.

Customer personal information – What information will you collect and share about me? 

Full details on Northern's Privacy Policy can be found here:

Customer personal information - How will data about my actual journey be collected and used? What say do I have over that?

We study overall journey data to help improve service.  We will not study individuals.  All journey data is anonymised.