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More life-saving defibrillators to be installed across Northern network

17 February 2022
A total of 100 new defibrillators are set to be installed at Northern’s stations – taking the total number on the train operator’s network to 189. 

Lifesaving defibrillators are being introduced at railway stations across the North West and East to help save people in cardiac arrest.  

Every defibrillator has step by step spoken instructions built in which explain how to use it on someone in an emergency. Computers inside the defibrillators work to analyse a person’s heart rhythms to find out if an electric shock is needed. Electrodes then automatically deliver the shock if required.  

Once installed all these life-saving units will be added to a national register and training will be offered by North West Ambulance Service to station staff along with local communities. 

Chris Jackson, regional director at Northern said: “All our defibrillators are in public places and they are of huge benefit, not only to those travelling with us, but also the communities we serve. Our aim is to make a positive impact for the North, and we will continue to work hard to introduce defibrillators at even more of our stations.” 

Simon Elliot, head of rail at transport for Greater Manchester, said: “It’s really important that easy-to-use and accessible defibrillators are available in busy public locations. That means it’s great news for both passengers and local communities that they are being rolled out at stations across the rail network. In what can be a life or death situation every second counts and a defibrillator can make the crucial difference and provide people with the help they desperately need when they need it most.”

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, said: “I am delighted to see that so many defibrillators are now available across many of Greater Manchester’s rail stations. As I know from personal experience these devices really do save lives. With a cardiac arrest every second counts and having defibrillators within easy access across our transport network will enable more people to be helped to reach hospital where they can receive proper treatment.

“This project is a great example of the Greater Manchester Rail Stations Alliance Partnership in action. Lots of hard work has gone in to making this a reality in recent years and I’d like to thank everyone involved.”

The Rail Station Alliance provided funding to support the scheme. In addition, Network Rail funded the installation of 38 new defibrillators across the North West in 2021. 

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