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Having started off with a small festive banner on platform fence in December 2018, Flimby Primary School have really embraced the ethos and values of station adoption and the impact it can have on a small community.
The school taking on the adoption of Flimby station has reaped huge benefits to not only the local station but also the village itself. Incidents of anti-social behaviour have significantly reduced since the station adoption scheme started, with siblings respecting the fact their younger brother or sister have worked hard to improve the appearance of this previously neglected station. The project has created a real buzz around the village with the community wanting to know ‘what’s coming next’ and whether they can help out in any way.

This group have worked in partnership with Workington Academy, The Colourful North and Community Rail Cumbria to transform the look of what was once a very dull station into a much brighter and vibrant environment, the station now hosts a sea themed fence and wall. Northern have kindly supported the school via their station adoption fund, allowing them to purchase essential tools, planters and start work on some history boards showing mining and evacuees Flimby’ s past.

Community Rail Cumbria have worked closely with Northern to promote Flimby Primary School as a lead ambassador, showing other schools how rail can benefit their curriculum with the concept of outdoor classrooms. Trips to the Millom Discovery Centre, Senhouse Roman Museum, Maryport Library and Tullie House have provided these opportunities.

A large percentage of the children had not even been out of the village due to their difficult and challenging home life. This project has provided them the opportunity to escape in a positive way, expand their minds and explore areas outside of this small village. The Community Rail Partnership Officer observed 32 pupils visiting Maryport Library and was staggered that only a third of this group had actually been into a library before, the trip provided them the opportunity to sign up for a membership allowing them to now read with their parents at home and subsequently bring them closer together.