What is a Smart Flexi ticket?

A Smart Flexi ticket is a bulk purchase of 10 all-day tickets, offering significant time and monetary savings for occasional commuting.

Can I buy a Smart Flexi ticket for my route?

Smart Flexi tickets are currently only available for travel between the stations listed above.

We will be adding many more routes in the coming months - the product will ultimately be available at all stations and routes where you can currently buy a season ticket.

How long are my tickets valid for?

Flexi tickets are valid for up to 2 months from the date of purchase of the bundle.

How many times can I travel on each daily ticket?

A Flexi ticket allows unlimited travel on the day of activation between the origin and destination stations shown on the ticket. A break of journey is not permitted along the route of the ticket at this moment.

Can I use my Railcard to obtain further discount?

Flexi tickets already include a 10% saving versus individual Standard Anytime Day Returns. There are no additional railcard or child discounts, or further discounts if travelling off peak or at weekends.

Can I claim under the Delay Repay scheme?

Yes, do so here. Your rights under delay repay are exactly the same.