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What is a Flexi Season ticket?

A Flexi Season ticket provides customers with 8 days of travel in 28 days - any time between two named stations.

The 8 days of travel doesn’t need to be specified in advance, giving part-time commuters more flexibility to travel when they want and need.

Flexi Season tickets are available as either a Smartcard or Barcode ticket. If you don’t have a Smartcard then please allow plenty of time to get one before you travel - they can take up to 5 days to arrive by post. Request a Smartcard here.

You will need to activate a day pass within your ticket before you travel.

When will Flexi Season tickets be available to buy?

The new flexible ticket are now on sale.

Why are Flexi Season tickets not available on every route?

We used research to ensure that Flexi Season tickets would be available on the vast majority of routes used by commuters. We appreciate your interest in purchasing a Flexi Season ticket on your route and will consider this as we develop these products future in the future.

Is a Flexi Season ticket the same as a Season ticket?

A Flexi Season ticket is a new, more flexible, kind of season ticket that allows 8 days of travel in 28 days with unlimited travel, from the time you activate your day pass until 04:29 the next morning, between two stations each day that it is used. It’s great for commuters travelling during peak times 2-3 days a week, Monday to Friday, as it offers an alternative to a traditional five-day a week season ticket.

How do Flexi Season and other Season tickets vary?

Season tickets are available in First Class and Child options, while Flexi comes in standard class only as it is aimed at commuters travelling during peak-times, Monday to Friday, 2-3 days a week.

How much can I save with a Flexi Season ticket?

Check out our commuter ticket tool to discover the cost saving of a Flexi season ticket on your route and to help you understand the most suitable ticket for your journey.

Can a Flexi Season ticket be used on multiple operators?

Yes, unless it is for a specified operator or route. If it is this will be stated at time of purchase.

Can I buy more than one Flexi Season ticket?

Yes. However, if you have a Flexi Season ticket on your smartcard, we recommend you wait until after you've used all 8 days of travel on your active Flexi Season ticket before buying a new one.

If you need to buy another Flexi Season ticket before you've finished using your active ticket, please make sure the start date of your next Flexi Season ticket commences after the date you intend to use your last day of travel. This is to avoid starting your new ticket before you’ve used all 8 days of travel on your active ticket. 

How can I buy a Flexi Season ticket?

You can purchase a Flexi Season ticket on the Northern website or mobile app, or you can purchase the Smartcard variant at any Northern ticket office. Flexi Season tickets will be available as either a Smartcard or Barcode ticket with Northern.

If purchasing via the website, please select "advanced search" and "Flexi Season" will display under ticket type.

Smartcard - If you have a Smartcard, you can buy your Flexi Season ticket online and add it to your Smartcard when you get to the station by ‘touching in’ on the yellow reader on the gate, platform validator, or in some cases the self-service ticket machine. You can also collect it via the National Rail Smartcard app. Make sure you do this before you travel.

If you don’t have a Smartcard then please allow plenty of time to get one before you travel - they can take up to 5 days to arrive by post.

Barcode – You can buy a Flexi Season ticket as a Barcode ticket (where available) via the Northern website or app. This will either be delivered as a pdf document attached to an email, which can be stored in your phone wallet, or it will be delivered to your app and stored there.

Can I buy an off-peak Flexi Season ticket?

No, but Flexi Season tickets can be used for travel during peak and off-peak periods. Flexi tickets are aimed at commuters making the same journey 2 –3 times a week during peak times.


Can I buy a child Flexi Season ticket?


What happens if I don’t make all eight journeys in 28 days?

If you lose or forget your Smartcard or Flexi Season ticket you will need to purchase a new ticket in order to make your journey. Contact the retailer of your Flexi Season for more information.

If you have a Flexi ticket downloaded onto your phone via a Smartcard app, you can download the app on to a new device and still access your account, including your tickets.

Can I travel to any station with my Flexi Season ticket?

With a Flexi Season ticket you can make unlimited journeys between your named start and end stations. You can also break, start or end your journey at any station on your permitted route. Your day pass will be valid from the time you activate it until 04:29 the next morning.

Can you use a Flexi Season ticket on any train operator?

In most cases you can use any operator between your start and end stations. Flexi Seasons are not valid for travel on Merseyrail services. Tickets to Liverpool stations, will be available for sale, but will not be allowed for onward travel on Merseyrail services.

If your Flexi Season ticket is only valid on one operator but you wish to travel with a different one then you will need to buy a new ticket for your journey.

If your Flexi Season ticket is restricted to a particular to route you can change the route it covers and pay the difference in fare.