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At Northern we are dedicated to making our stations and trains as accessible as we can and to make using our services easier.  

Please see some of our upcoming projects below:


Northern launches large cash scheme to make train travel accessible for all

Northern Trains is launching a £250,000 cash scheme to enhance accessibility and improve train travel for all. The Northern Accessibility Innovation Scheme, is dedicated to opening opportunities for disabled and older people on the Northern network and Northern ...

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Northern wins national customer award for innovative approach to accessible rail travel

As the largest train operator in the north of England, Northern recognised that for the 14m plus disabled people in the UK, including 700,000 individuals and families affected by autism, that more needed to be done to reduce travel anxiety and make journeys ...

Find out more about Northern's award

Pilot scheme for dementia-friendly signage at railway station unveiled by Northern

It has worked with the Friends of Buxton Station and local dementia support groups on the pilot scheme, which is designed to make signs much easier for someone with dementia to understand. This includes fewer signs to avoid ‘information overload’, strategic ...

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Northern and Transport for Greater Manchester deliver accessible toilets at rail stations

The new toilet pod represents the first of 83 fully accessible toilets set to be installed at rail stations across Greater Manchester in the next 3 years. The estate of fully accessible toilet and baby changing facilities for all are thought to be world leading ...

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Better journeys for older and disabled in South Yorkshire thanks to accessibility fund

Better Journeys by Rail aims to reduce social isolation and improve the wellbeing of people living in the region, by supporting them to access their local train services. This includes providing travel tips, up-to-date travel information and help to apply ...

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Audio devices to be fitted in dozens of Northern’s toilets thanks to accessibility funding

RoomMate® is a wall-mounted device which gives blind and visually impaired visitors bespoke audio description in an accessible toilet – and will be installed in 44 locations across the rail operators' network. If audio guidance is required, a simple wave ...

Find out more about audio devices

Northern announces new priority seating cards on International Day of People with Disabilities

The free card is specially designed to give people with a range of conditions that make it difficult to stand the confidence to ask other passengers to give up a priority seat, and the opportunity for others to offer theirs. Produced by the company behind ...

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Northern’s new maps let customers virtually explore stations in 3D

The Street View 3D maps have been designed to help disabled customers, and anyone who is anxious about travelling, to build confidence and familiarity. The maps will enable customers to move through Northern’s stations in an interactive way and find facilities ...

See Northern's new map

Families enjoy day out in South Yorkshire on Northern’s sling express

Northern teamed up with High Peak and Hope Valley Community Rail Partnership and South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) to run the Sling Express from Darnall station in Sheffield to Edale. A total of 11 mums and their children were fitted ...

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£250,000 Northern fund to improve accessibility

Northern is calling on community groups to share their ideas for making its trains and stations even more accessible for disabled and older people – and has set up a £250,000 fund for the best ideas to transform the network. The Accessibility Fund, which ...

Find out more about improving accessibility

Virtual reality simulation to play part in more accessible railway

The first of its kind, the technology will allow passengers to explore their journey and the support they require in advance, from the comfort of their own home. Users will be able to experience trains, stations and interact with station and on-board staff ...

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A wheelchair user and a person wearing a sunflower lanyard next to the word "A better way to go for everybody". On a yellow background.

Accessibility Hub

Join us on the journey to a more accessible North. We believe train travel should be easier for everyone. That’s why we’re making some big improvements, working hard to make our stations, trains and communities more accessible based on your valuable ...

Visit our hub for more information

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Streamline your journey and get tickets straight to your phone. Making your journey contact-free.

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Streamline your journey and get tickets straight to your phone. Making your journey contact-free.