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What is an Open Return Train Ticket?

Offering you complete flexibility,  Open Return (also known as Anytime Return) train tickets are ideal if you want to keep your travel options open. Allowing you to travel to your chosen destination, and return at any time; you can even break up your journey by stopping at any stations on your route. 

Due to the complete flexibility of Open Return tickets, they are slightly more expensive than the Advance or Off-Peak tickets; however, when you book your tickets online, we’ll tell you all the available options for your journey, so you can choose whichever ticket suits your requirements the best. 

Buying your Open Return train ticket


By entering your journey details into the ‘Train Tickets and Times’ section on the right, your fare options will be displayed. Your tickets will be sent out by First Class post, and be with you within seven days. You can also collect them from the ticket vending machine (TVM) at the station. 

Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) at participating stations

You can purchase a range of tickets from any TVMs using cash or card. Please ensure your chosen ticket is valid for your particular journey. 

Station ticket offices

The staffed ticket offices can provide our full range of ticket options, and they will accept all major credit/debit cards, cash, and National Rail vouchers.


There are a number of stations where tickets have to be bought from the conductor aboard the train as no ticket office or TVM's are provided.

Refunds & Amendments

Open Return train tickets may be eligible for a refund. Unfortunately, Northern are unable to offer refunds for self-print and mobile tickets.

Contact us

If you're having any trouble booking tickets visit our contact us page for further details - our trained staff can always find the best ticket for you.

When using an Open Return ticket your outbound journey must be made within 5 days. The return portion of your journey is valid for one calendar month. 

Open Return tickets cannot be used for the same journey more than once but you may start, break and resume, or end your journey at any intermediate station. 

Northern App

Streamline your journey and get tickets straight to your phone. Making your journey contact-free.

Northern App

Streamline your journey and get tickets straight to your phone. Making your journey contact-free.