Important information for customers

The lifts at Manchester Victoria station are currently out of order pending upgrading work.

Customers who require step-free access are recommended to book assisted travel by calling 0800 138 5560, where we will work with you to ensure that the journey you wish to make can be achieved as easily, safely and comfortably as possible. Northern are committed to ensuring that customers are able to complete journeys in a way that best meets their needs during the period that the lifts are being upgraded.

To this end, planning your journey in advance will ensure that the alternative travel arrangements are right for you – this can mean a range of alternative options, including taxis, trams, alternative routes on trains or a combination of these to ensure that your needs are met. We are committed to ensuring that you are happy with the arrangements we will make to ensure that you and your travelling companions reach your destination.

If you are unable to make advanced arrangements to contact us, rest assured that our station and on-board staff will ensure that your requests are respected when they arrange alternative means for you to reach your destination in the best way for you, again ensuring that you are happy with the arrangements being made for you and your travelling companions.

During this period, we will have additional staff deployed at Manchester Victoria to provide general assistance to customers. Additionally, we will have emergency stair chairs available which are normally deployed when lifts cannot be used to evacuate premises.

If at any time you feel that your needs are not being met, please contact our Customer Experience Centre.

We hope to have the lifts operational in the middle of January.

Northern would like to apologise for the inconvenience this will cause your journeys through Manchester Victoria.