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Looking for the ultimate day out, Hull has a huge selection guided and self-guided trails to help you discover this fascinating city and create a truly memorable visit leaving you hungry for more.

Hull Fish Trail - This unique piece of public art sees explorers search for 41 fish across the city centre, taking in the picturesque Old Town and thriving Fruit Market. The trail starts just outside the City Hall Ticket office and finishes at the top of Whitefriargate.

Blue Plaque Trail - Hull is rich with history, and the Blue Plaque Trail highlights many of the key spots that you should explore if you want to learn more about the city’s heritage.

Larkin Trail - To follow in Larkin’s tracks is to take not only a literary journey, but also journeys through diverse landscapes and rich architecture and, seeing the city through a poet’s eyes, to gain a philosophical view of the place where Larkin lived and worked for three decades.

The Wilberforce Trail - A walking route through the cobbled streets of Hull’s Old Town, taking in places associated with the life of the city’s most famous Member of Parliament, the politician and anti-slave trade campaigner William Wilberforce.


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