Best for: Regular route travel
Available: Every day between your chosen stations

If you make the same journey more than three or four times a week you may find that, on the majority of routes, Season Tickets offer better value for money compared to buying daily tickets.

Season Tickets are available for seven days or any period between one month and a year.

Annual Season Tickets save you the most money with 12 weeks free travel each year!


Find out how owning a season ticket benefits you:

  • 12 weeks FREE travel with an annual Season Ticket
  • Can be used anytime, including weekends, between your two chosen stations
  • No queuing for tickets at the station, each time you travel
  • Can be used on most train operator's service between your chosen two stations

How to buy your Season Ticket

You can purchase your Season Ticket from any staffed ticket office with a valid photocard.

Photocards are issued free of charge, though you will need a recent passport size photograph.

How to renew your Season Ticket

You can renew your Season Ticket online or from any staffed ticket office with a valid photocard.

When can you buy your Season Ticket

Weekly Season Tickets

Weekly Season Tickets can be issued on the first required day of travel, if the first day is a Monday (or a Tuesday after a bank holiday) the weekly Season Ticket can be issued from 06:00 on the previous Sunday.

Season Ticket for one month or more

If your Season Ticket start date is a Sunday, Monday (or Tuesday after a bank holiday), the Season Ticket may be issued from noon on the previous Friday.

Should you require your Season Ticket to start on another day, the ticket may be issued from the afternoon of the previous day.

You can renew your Season Ticket online up to two weeks before your current ticket expires.