Best for: Regular route travel
Available: Every day between your chosen stations

What is a Season Ticket?

A season ticket gives you unlimited train travel between two specified stations anytime, including evenings and weekends.


Should I get a Season Ticket?

If you travel the same journey more than four or five times a week, on the majority of routes, a Season Ticket will offer you better value for money than buying a Standard Day Return ticket every day. So whether you’re travelling to and from work, or have other commitments, a Season Ticket is a great way to save money on your train travel. Plus, it will save you time buying separate tickets each day.


What Season Ticket can I buy?

Available are:

  • Weekly/7 days
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Six Monthly
  • Annual
  • Or you can choose specific dates (over one month)

Tip: the longer your Season Ticket, the more money you save. For example, with an Annual Season Ticket you get 12 weeks free travel, saving you even more money.


What is a Smart season ticket?

Smart cards promise a faster and easier way to buy and renew season ticket at your convenience. You can make the switch at your nearest Ticket Office at your next renewal date or if you're a new season ticket customer. Soon you'll also be able to do all this online or at a ticket machine in a station. Find out more.


Northern Only season tickets

To save even more, consider buying a Northern Only Season Ticket*, available on selected routes. These tickets can only be used on Northern services and are cheaper than tickets that are valid on all train operators’ services. Look out for these options in the Season Ticket calculator below, or find out more here.


Season Ticket prices 

Use our calculator to find out how much you could save with a Season Ticket. 


Season Ticket Calculator



How do I buy my first Season Ticket?

You can buy your Season Ticket from any staffed ticket office. To do this you will need a valid photocard, which can be picked up free of charge at any ticket office. All you need is a recent passport sized photo.


When can I buy a Season Ticket at a ticket office?

Tickets are valid from your first day of travel, but when you can buy it depends on the type of Season Ticket you want:


Weekly Season Tickets

If you’re looking to buy a Weekly Season Ticket and your first day of travel is a Monday (or a Tuesday after a bank holiday Monday), you can buy your ticket anytime from 6am the Sunday before.


Monthly and above Season Tickets

If your Season Ticket is valid from a Sunday, Monday (or a Tuesday after a bank holiday), you can buy your ticket anytime from midday the Friday before.

If your plans mean you need your Season Ticket to start on any other day of the week, you can buy your ticket any time from midday the day before.

For example, if you’re looking to begin your Monthly Season Ticket on a Thursday, you can buy your ticket any time after midday the day before – in this case, Wednesday.


How to renew your Season Ticket


You can renew your Season Ticket online here, up to two weeks before it’s due to expire.

At a ticket office

You can also renew from any staffed ticket office. Just take your valid photocard along. When you can renew depends on whether you have had a break between your season tickets.

If you’re looking to renew your reason ticket straight after your old one expires and the start date is a Monday (or a Tuesday after a Bank Holiday). You can renew from midday on the previous Friday. If the start date is any other day of the week, you can renew from after midday on the previous day.

You can renew within the same time frames as when you can buy a Season Ticket at a ticket office for the first time. For example from 6am the Sunday before your weekly ticket starts on a Monday.

At ticket machines

Only weekly Season Tickets can be renewed at ticket machines in line with the same time frames as renewing at a ticket office.

Smart cards

We are in the process of rolling out Smart cards across the North throughout 2019. As these become available, you may be offered one in place of your paper ticket. For more information, click here.


*Northern only Season Tickets are only valid on Northern trains. Not valid for travel on any other train operators’ services. Savings made on Northern 7 Day Season Tickets are vs five Standard Day Return tickets.