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Off-Peak train tickets allow you to travel in peace and quiet, avoiding the busy commuter times. Offering more flexibility than Advance tickets, they can be purchased up to and including the day of travel. Off-Peak deals may only be available at specific times, on certain days or routes, but we’ll let you know if these apply to you when you book your ticket.

Avoiding the rush hours, allows you to arrive at your destination feeling relaxed, calm, and ready to enjoy your day.

Why travel off-peak?

  • Save money
  • Quieter trains
  • Available to purchase up to and including the day you wish to travel
  • Further 50% discount for children aged 5 to 15 inclusive and up to two children aged under 5 can travel free with each fare-paying adult
  • Railcard (Two Together, Senior, 16-25, Family & Friends, Disabled Persons) holders receive 1/3 off all off-peak fares.
  • Railcard holders also get 1/3 off all First Class off-peak fares. Minimum fares/time restrictions may apply to tickets bought with a Railcard or other discount card.

When are Off-Peak tickets valid?

Commuter times are considered to be between 16.01 and 18.29 on weekdays, which means that anytime during off-peak train times you can use your tickets. However, this can depend
on your journey, the company you’re travelling with, and when you wish to travel. You’ll be notified of any restrictions when you book.

There are four types of Off-Peak tickets to choose from:

Off-Peak Day Single/Return

  • Tickets are valid for travel anytime at the weekend and on bank holidays
  • Restrictions on travel in the morning apply for all journeys
  • Evening restrictions may also apply
  • Outward and return journeys must be made on the date shown on your ticket

Off-Peak Single/Return

  • Tickets are valid for travel anytime at the weekend and on bank holidays
  • Restrictions on travel in the morning and/or evening may apply
  • Outward journeys must be made on the date shown on your ticket but you can make the return journey on any day within one calendar month of the outward journey

You will be advised of any restrictions on travel when booking your ticket online with Northern.

Off-Peak Day Single/Return evening restrictions

If you are travelling on an Off-Peak Day Single/Return ticket, the following evening restrictions apply.

Restrictions on Off-Peak Single/Return tickets can vary depending on the journey being made and/or the day of travel.

Specific Route Restrictions


Greater Manchester

How to buy your off-peak ticket


Simply enter your journey details into the 'Train tickets and times' search to find any off-peak fares available. You can receive your tickets by First Class post (please allow seven days for delivery), or collect your pre-paid tickets from ticket vending machines (TVMs) at participating stations.

On mobile/app

You can buy your ticket through your smartphone anytime, anywhere with the free Northern mobile app. Buy tickets securely on our app and collect your tickets within 15 minutes from ticket machines at more than 1,000 stations, or if you’ve selected the new m-tickets delivery option*, just show your smartphone to the conductor on the train.

* Selected ticket types and routes only.

From Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) at participating stations

TVMs sell a range of tickets for popular destinations for immediate use and accept most credit/ debit cards, as well as cash. Check your journey times and individual ticket restrictions when purchasing your ticket to be sure that it is valid for your planned train.

From station ticket offices

You can buy the full range of tickets from staffed ticket offices. The ticket offices will accept all major credit/debit cards, cash, National Rail vouchers and rail warrants.

On trains

At stations where no ticket office or TVMs are provided, or the ticket office is closed, tickets can be purchase from conductors on the train.

Contact us

If you're having any trouble booking tickets visit our contact us page for further details on how to get in touch - our trained staff can always find the best ticket for you.


Off-peak Ticket FAQs


You can travel on an off-peak ticket for the first part of your journey, but you will need to have an anytime fare or equivalent for the second leg of your journey.

The TfGM concessionary pass is valid in the evening peak. In South and West Yorkshire, the concessionary scheme offers a 50% reduction on fares so pass holders wishing to travel in the evening peak will need to buy an anytime fare with the 50% reduction applied.

We have tried to keep peak time restrictions as simple as possible for customers.

The peak restriction in Merseyside (until 17.59) has been in place for some time. Northern does not price all the ticket flows so to change these times would have meant a very complex message and inconsistency across the area. Given the volume of passengers and level of service between Hexham and Newcastle, the end time of 17.59 is also appropriate on this route.

The timings of 16.01-18.29 apply elsewhere as they best reflect the capacity available, demand for services and give a consistent approach for the majority of those customers who will be affected across South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

Yes. Where the ticket is priced by Northern Rail it will apply to ALL operators whose services the ticket is valid on.

Greater Manchester

The following products are not valid in the evening peak:

  • Off-Peak Day Singles/Returns
  • Duo
  • GM Rail Ranger
  • Daysaver TB (Train and Bus), Daysaver TM (Train and Metro) and Daysaver TBM (Train, Bus and Metro)

The following is valid:

  • Greater Manchester Wayfarer

West Yorkshire

The following products are not valid in the evening peak:

  • Off-Peak Day Singles/Returns
  • Duo
  • WY Day Rover
  • WY Family Day Rover
  • WY Train Day Rover

Hexham – Newcastle

The following products are not valid in the evening peak:

  • Off-Peak Day Single/Returns
  • Duo

We will do everything we can to help you make sure you have the right ticket for your journey. If for any reason this doesn’t happen please visit your local booking office to pay the difference. If your local station does not have a booking office you will be able to pay the difference to the conductor on board.

If the information here isn't clear, you can speak to a member of staff at one of our ticket offices.