Mowbray Park or the ‘People’s Park’ is one of England’s oldest public parks. This delightful ‘jewel in the crown’ also features an Alice in Wonderland themed play area.

Famous prophetess Mother Shipton's Cave is said to be England’s oldest visitor attraction. We predict it’s high time you experienced its magical charms! Mother Shipton’s prophecies are England’s most famous. Born in the 15th century she foretold the fates of several rulers - as well as the Great Fire of London. She’s alleged to have been born in a cave – the very one you can see today located in...

Shibden Hall offers a fascinating insight into the lives of the people who once lived and worked here. It’s also home to a host of fabulous attractions and delightful parkland.

Having recently been restored to its former glory, Greenhead Park is the full Monty when it comes to a fantastic family day out.

Centred around three lakes, and just a mile or so from Bolton town centre, Moses Gate Country Park promises an uplifting taste of serenity and nature – and an adrenaline-fuelled play area!

With 21 hectares to play with right in the centre of Nottingham Highfields Park is the perfect location to stop, look around - and take a good, deep, breath of fresh air.

Stonebridge City Farm is a small slice of the countryside in the heart of the City of Nottingham!

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