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Chester has been offering retail therapy to visitors since it developed as a bustling market town in the Middle Ages.

Then it created the unique Rows galleries giving visitors stores at street level with steps to another tier of shops above - undercover heaven. 

It’s also not surprising that the oldest shopping façade in England is in The Rows! 

Shoemakers and Iron Mongers once sold their wares in these magnificent 700-year-old medieval marvels, when fruit, root and herb markets were all the rage and horse, cloth and cheese fairs flourished in the city.

The Rows are truly unique with their double-deck delights and it’s not just your usual list of retail who’s who in Chester either. The city is home to a host of retailers that you just won’t find elsewhere.

You’ll find distinctively different stores in the upper galleries of The Rows especially in Watergate Street and Bridge Street as well as hidden gems just off the main thoroughfares like Rufus Court, and Godstall Lane


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