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Thank you for your continued support to help make Northern’s stations and services more accessible and welcoming places for communities across the North.

To support the duties that groups undertake, it is possible for Northern to provide some form of complimentary travel. Normally this would be in the form of a number of bearer passes, which are allocated to the group and can be used by anybody in it. The guidelines we use are normally:



  • Less than five members – each member to be given a bearer pass
  • More than five members – three bearer passes to be shared amongst the group
  • More than 10 members – five bearer passes to be shared amongst the group
  • More than 20 members – 10 bearer passes to be shared amongst the group





If you are reading this then you will be looking to renew your passes and the simple form below will enable you to do that. Once you’ve completed the form, simply click submit and it will come through Northern’s community team for approval. If we have any questions at this stage we will contact you so please ensure you provide telephone and email contacts. Once approved your passes will be issued from our HR Contact Centre.

There is a number on your Bearer Pass (eg WC542) which you will be asked to provide in the form below. Please make sure you provide the same amount of numbers as the passes you have stated. Failure to do so will result in a delay to processing your request.

We will review requests every couple of weeks so please allow plenty of time before your current passes are due to expire.


Details of your Group