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Refund Fare Arrangements

  1. Refund applications that Northern will accept
    Please note that we only process refunds for tickets bought from Northern. Tickets bought from Northern must be returned to us for refund – please do not hand them in at a station.
  2. Refunds on unused tickets
    Under National Rail Conditions of Carriage, clause 26, if you decide not to travel, certain types of ticket can be returned, unused (no later than 28 days after the ticket’s expiry date), and the ticket reseller will arrange a refund for you. Please note: we cannot process refunds unless the tickets are returned. Advance tickets are not normally refundable but they can be amended to make the same journey at a later date. A reasonable charge may be made for the administration of refunds and this varies by ticket type. For up-to-date details of terms and conditions for refunds and amendments, please see our website, shown below.
  3. Returning tickets for refund
    Customers are responsible for refund applications that are lost in the post, so we recommend you return tickets to us using Royal Mail Special Delivery – see our website for details.
  4. Refunds for Advance tickets, based on qualifying re-bookings
    You can apply for a refund of your Advance ticket if you have re-booked a qualifying replacement ticket through Northern (the origin, destination, train operator and route must remain the same). Please provide clear details of the qualifying replacement booking as well as the original booking being refunded, otherwise we will not be able to process your refund. See our website for more details and applicable charges.
  5. Refunds for Anytime and Off-peak tickets
    These types of ticket are refundable but administration charges can apply. If you have re-booked new tickets, please provide the booking references for your original and replacement bookings. See our website for details and applicable charges.



In the event of a query about your refund application, we may need to contact you.

We will notify you of the outcome of your refund application by email (or telephone). Thank you.