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There's a lot more to this job than checking tickets. It's about creating rapport with customers and acting as the face of our business.

With a mixture of classroom and work based learning, you can qualify as a Northern Conductor in around three months. It'll get your career right on track.

A day in the life of a Northern Conductor

As soon as a passenger sets foot on one of our trains, it's up to people like Sophie to ensure they have a real Northern experience. That means making them feel welcome, comfortable and safe, and dealing with all queries politely and promptly.

What we look for in a Conductor

Working on the railways is a fantastic way of life, definitely, but don't be fooled - it takes a tough cookie to be a Conductor. Ticketing issues, delays and other possible problems can be distressing for customers. And it's at those times that the quality of your communication skills and your attention to detail will be truly tested.

As confident in your decision making process as you are cool under pressure, you'll be ready for every challenge that comes your way - and no matter what hours you happen to be working that week (this is no regular 9-to-5 job).

Minimum requirements

If you're ready for the intensive training, can be flexible about your working days and hours, will enjoy the critical responsibility and the opportunity to make the most of your natural people skills, then this is definitely the role for you. In order to become a Conductor with Northern:

- You must not have defective colour vision

- You must be willing to work irregular and unsociable shift patterns

- You must live within a 60 minute commutable distance from the location you are applying for

- You must be over 18 years old. 

How to apply

First of all, have a look at our current vacancies area to see if there are any opportunities near where you live and you can apply online from there. 

Successful candidates will be invited to take a five-minute online Visual Comparison Test, which will assess your ability to find visual mistakes. We'll then shortlist for interview and, if you meet the Northern standards at interview, we send you for half a day's testing near the depot you've applied to (we'll make sure you have some practice material at least a week before the tests, though).

What happens next?

Finally, if successful, you'll be considered for any vacancies that are currently available, and if we're not able to offer you a role straight away, we'll place you in our Talent Pool and you'll be considered for any forthcoming opportunities for up to 6 months.