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Northern’s easy-to-navigate website can help you to find the cheapest ways to book train tickets. The tickets are cheap from the start but with no booking fee and numerous money-saving offers, you’ll be left with plenty in your wallet to fully enjoy your destination - which can be anywhere in the UK. 

By registering on the website, you have the option of being informed about all the latest special offers and discounts which could make your discounted tickets, even cheaper. 


Big Savings


Saving you up to 65%,  Advance tickets are perfect for those who like to plan ahead. Offering you the option to book your journey up to 12 weeks in advance, you’ll have plenty of time to finalise the details of your travel adventure. 


 For the more spontaneous, a Save on the Day ticket means you can buy your tickets at the last minute - up to 15 minutes before you wish to depart. On selected routes, choose the lowest price for each step of your journey, which really saves money if you’re travelling further afield, and all the Advance ticket benefits apply.


Perfect for friends, or couples, the money saving Duo tickets allow you both to benefit from 25% off the ticket price, even if neither has a Railcard. So whether it’s a romantic meal, a day out sightseeing or a shared spa pamper session, your adventure awaits.




Save up to 65% when you buy tickets in advance*

Best for: Saving up to 65% 
Available: Up to 12 weeks in advance and until 23:59 on the day before

*Only available on selected lines of route

Save on the Day

Get a cheaper ticket up to 15 minutes before you travel*

Best for: Impulse travel
Available: Until 15 minutes before travel

*Only available on selected lines of route


Save 25% with DUO tickets*

Best for: Mates rates
Available: Travel together and get cheaper tickets, no railcard required

*Only available on selected lines of route



 Why not relax on your train journey, catch up on a good book, or watch the glorious countryside fly by? By choosing Off-Peak tickets, you save money whilst enjoying the flexibility to pick your travel times and avoid the rush hour commuters. 


If you’re a regular Northern Rail traveller, firstly thank you, and secondly,  Season tickets offer unlimited travel between two stations. You can catch the train at any time, and any day you wish -  that even includes weekends and evenings. Whether you want a weekly, quarterly or annual ticket, you’ll be saving money, and the Season ticket calculator can tell you exactly how much.  There are also Smart Season tickets for those who prefer a paper-free life. 


Travel all day and explore the whole north of England with  Rangers and Rover Tickets. Enjoy four days of adventure spread out over eight consecutive days, or if you prefer to focus on the North East or West, it’s spread over seven back-to-back days. Perfect if you’re planning a break, and wanting to experience all the north has to offer, whilst saving money. 


Saving you even more money, consider purchasing Northern Only tickets. Single, Return, Duo and Season tickets are all available for Northern train routes only. So, if you plan to visit Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, or, in fact, anywhere on our network, you’ll have much more left in your wallet.




Off-peak tickets

Lower prices at quieter times*

Best for: Getting the best deal
Available: Up to and including the day you wish to travel

*Available on most lines of route

Season tickets

Cheaper travel on regular routes

Best for: Regular route travel
Available: Every day between your chosen stations
Upgrade: To a Smart Season Ticket


Rangers and Rovers

Hop on and off as you wish

Best for: Epic day trips
Available: Every day