Now you can get even closer to where you want to be. Bike & Go is an ingenious new scheme that lets you hire a bike from participating train stations and continue your journey quickly and easily under your own steam. No walking, no waiting - just get on your Bike & Go!

Bike & Go is a totally new kind of bike hire scheme. You can hire a bike from participating train stations for a daily fixed rental charge of just £3.80. So there’s no need to worry about fees mounting up while you’re busy searching for a free docking station. Just hire a bike, take it anywhere you like and keep it for the whole day. With the lowest annual subscription charge – only £10 – Bike & Go is the most flexible, affordable and simple way to get around.

  • All-day bike hire for just £3.80 fixed fee
  • Lowest annual subscription rate – only £10!
  • Travel where you like, for as long as you like
  • Hire from train stations for door-to-door service

How It Works

Step 1 - Register

Pay a £10 annual fee and receive your Bike and Go card.

Step 2 - Scan

Get your card scanned at the stations ticket office and collect your key.

Step 3 - Ride

Unlock your bike from the station and go!

Step 4 - Return

Return your bike to the station and hand in the key.

Find our more

You can find out more about the Bike and Go scheme by visiting the Bike and Go Website now!