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What tickets can I put on my Smart card?

You can put a season ticket for seven days or any period between one month and a year on your Smart card.

Can I get a Child (Under 16) ticket on a Smart card?

Smartcards are currently available only for Adult weekly or period season tickets between one month and a year, except where a 16-17 Saver is used.

Can MerseyRail RailPasses be purchased on a Northern Smart card?

Yes, however Merseytravel require us to issue RailPass onto Walrus cards rather than on Northern Smart cards.

Can Greater Manchester Traincards be purchased on a Northern Smart card?

Traincard rail tickets, including Metrolink, are now available on Smart cards at Northern ticket offices. However, Traincards remain are not available for purchase on the Northern website for the time being.

Is a (Greater Manchester) season ticket more expensive on a Smart card? 

We are aware of this issue as Smart GM Traincards cannot (yet) be bought at a ticket machine or online. However, ticket offices are able to issue the full selection of Smart products to customers resulting in the price being the same for Smart tickets versus paper tickets in the Greater Manchester area.

Do I need to activate my Corporate Season Ticket?

No. Corporate Season Tickets will already be loaded onto the Smart card.