Can I use my railcard discount when I buy tickets to load onto the Smart card?

Not at the moment as the cards are limited to season tickets only.

How long do I have to wait after registering before requesting a paper transfer?

At the moment paper tickets cannot be transferred to Smart card.

How do I buy and load a ticket onto my Smart card?

At the moment tickets can only be loaded at ticket offices. You will soon be able to also do so online, via the Northern App on an Android phone, and at ticket machines.

Where can I purchase my smart season ticket in person?

Smart cards are now available at the majority of ticket offices at train stations across the north.

Do I need a new Smart card when my ticket expires?

No. but you do need to add another season ticket to travel.

Can I transfer my paper Season ticket to my Smart card?

You will only be able to switch to a Smart Season Ticket at your next renewal or if you are a new season ticket customer.