Frequently Asked Questions

What is expected of me FAQs

Depending on the type of wearable the passenger receives, they may be required to install the companion device provider app to update the wearable firmware and allow it to communicate with the Rail Life app. Optionally, a passenger may choose to install and retain the provider app to enable device specific functionality (fitness tracking, sleep analysis etc). Once the wearable is up to date and working the passenger will need to install the Rail Life app and will be guided through connecting to the wearable and providing baseline information.

At the start of each trial you will be sent an email to confirm that the trial has begun and you will also begin to receive push notifications on your mobile application.

Depending on the type of wearable the passenger receives, they may also be asked to put their wearable device into ‘continuous mode’ when they enter a geo-fenced Northern Rail Station. This means that the wearable will be collecting heart rate data more frequently on their journey. (Turning off continuous mode when not on their journey will reduce battery consumption).

Yes, you will be required to have your phone within a certain range while on your journey for the Bluetooth to work effectively. Details of this will be provided when you receive the wearable.

On your journey you will need to; wear the wearable device, have access to your mobile phone and bookmark your experience at least twice on your journey. Depending on the wearable you receive, you may be required to change the mode of the wearable when on and off your journey to reduce battery consumption.

You will need to wear the wearable device (on and off your journey*) throughout the research. The wearable device will be synced to your Android phone, and on there you will need to download the Rail Life mobile app to log your experience on your Northern journey.

At various points in the research period (for a few weeks at a time between April and November), you will receive notifications on the app which prompt you to input your experience at least once on your journey each day (you are free to input as many or as few times as practically possible during the trial period!).

The app will not ask you to log your experiences when you are not taking a journey on the Calder Valley route or the Bolton area – we will use GPS to only send log requests during your journey. You are free to interact with the app and log your experiences when not on a Calder Valley or Bolton area train journey, but this isn’t the core purpose of our research.

*so we can determine your resting heart rate.