Northern’s Registration Page

Data collected by Northern’s registration page is to enable us to identify whether you are eligible to take part in the study.

Wearable and Mobile Application

The data collected from the wearable device and mobile application will be shared via an API and analysed via Thales using the latest analytics tools. The data will be aggregated together to identify trends to uncover stress hot spots or common patterns to highlight unknown aspects of customer experience and stress. Only statistically valid data will be used to identify insights to better understand trends in Northern’s network, not to infer individual passenger stresses.

Restricted data via the API will also be provided to Saturn Visual to display an aggregated stress dashboard to certain stations on the Calder Valley line and Bolton area, for station managers to also identify trends in Northern’s network. Individuals will not be able to be identified but this data will be useful to support station managers in reacting to stressful events more quickly.