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2 for 1 entry on full price admission

Welcome to Quasar. It’s the all weather, indoor laser adventure quest in Sheffield!

Opened in 1999, Quasar Sheffield has entertained well over 1,000,000 players of all ages at its city center venue. 5000 square foot themed indoor playing arena (the biggest by far in Sheffield!) with lighting effects, smoke, sound effects and music.

Quasar is a great physical activity for the young and the young at heart. The game can be played either in teams or as individuals, minimum number needed for a game is 2 players.

Before you play you will get a full briefing including safety rules – then you will be sent into the arena on a mission to have FUN! The idea is to zap other players and destroy their base – all done with a harmless laser gun! You get points for zapping enemies and losepoints when you get zapped. Every player will receive a personal scorecard that tells them just how well (or badly!) they did.

It’s a futuristic, live action, ‘shoot em up’– like being the star in your own sci-fi action thriller or video game!

Details of offer: 2  games  for  the  price  of  1  for  up  to  6  players.


Valid until 31/03/24

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