Northern, the UK’s largest train operator outside London, have commissioned the University of Central Lancashire to produce a series of safety videos to help keep rail travellers safe.

Animation and screenwriting students will work together to write, design and produce the films which will be used as part of the safety campaign.  UCLan has worked with Northern for the past six years on its safety initiatives, with screenwriting students submitting potential scripts in an annual competition.  This latest venture has advanced the partnership, allowing UCLan students to play a part in the whole process and produce a finished project themselves.

Andrea Jacobs, Safety and Environment Director for Northern, comments: “This is an industry first.  Rail safety is extremely important and this project will allow us to utilise the creativity and expertise of UCLan’s animation and screenwriting students to create something really exciting that can make a big difference.”

The final films will potentially be viewed by millions by being broadcast across the north of England in schools, youth groups, colleges, and other educational institutions as well as being featured on the TV station ‘Life Channel’ which broadcasts at venues with a large footfall such as GP surgeries and coffee shops.