The way the rail industry measures, publishes and uses train punctuality and performance is changing.

The change has been led by the National Task Force, a cross-industry body focused on performance, which recognises that trains running to time is the most important factor that affects how people feel about their journey. The new measure is part of the rail industry’s wider plan to change and improve, now and for the long term.

Network Rail and train operators, including Northern, worked closely on developing the new measures, with support from stakeholders including the Department for Transport, ORR and Transport Focus.

The change will affect the information we publish about our services and means that rail industry data in the UK will be the most transparent in Europe.

From April 2019 we will publish additional punctuality performance measures. The current punctuality measure – the Public Performance Measure (PPM) – counts a train as on time if it arrives within five or 10 minutes at its final destination (for short and long-distance services, respectively). From April we will publish a wider range of train punctuality data including:

  • early
  • to the minute
  • within three minutes
  • within five minutes
  • within 10 minutes
  • within 15 minutes
  • more than 15 minutes
  • more than 20 minutes
  • more than 30 minutes
  • cancellations

Data showing national performance can be seen on the RDG website.

Please visit our Performance page for more information. 

  View On Time measures for 3 March 2019 to 31 March 2019 (5kb, pdf)