Northern has issued its response to the announcement of further RMT strikes in September.

Alan Chaplin, Northern’s Managing Director, said: “Following our meeting with RMT’s General Secretary on 18 August there is no doubt that the trade union calling two days of strikes on Friday 1 and Monday 4 September, timed to coincide with people across the North returning to school, college and work after the holidays, will damage the region’s economy, significantly disrupt our customers’ lives, and impact local businesses.

“Northern is prepared to guarantee jobs and current pay for all our conductors for the next eight years, until the end of our franchise. Our offers to discuss every detail on the future responsibilities and training for on-board colleagues have been rejected by RMT.

“Northern is modernising with new and updated trains, faster and more frequent services, and better stations from now until 2020. We want to make changes to the on-board colleague role to make it fit for the future, better supporting customers on trains and at stations.

“If this strike action goes ahead, we will do all we can to keep customers on the move as much as possible.”