Northern’s plans to keep the north of England on the move during today’s industrial action are on track.

By 3pm more than 770 Northern services had completed their journeys and plans are in place to run a further 540 throughout the rest of the day.

Sharon Keith, Regional Director at Northern, said: “The network coped well throughout the morning and early afternoon and we have kept as many people on the move as possible.

“We are now concentrating on getting people home this evening. Any customers who want to travel later today on a Northern service should think carefully about their plans. Our services will begin to wind down from around 5pm, and there will be few trains running after 7pm.”

Sharon added: “I’d like to thank our customers for their patience so far today, and ask that they continue to work with us as we head into the evening peak. I’d also like to thank our staff who continue to work hard to operate our trains and look after our customers.”

For full details of rail services operating during the strike and for FAQs about Northern's response to the strike please check the industrial action page on this website.

Real time journey updates are available at:

Or contact Northern via

Twitter @northernassist
0800 200 6060