A spokesperson for Northern said: “We are committed to an ambitious programme to modernise rail travel for our customers which will deliver better journeys and improve customer service in the North.

“From January 2017 customers using Northern’s trains will see an average fare increase of just 2.2%. We understand any fare increase is likely to be unpopular, though overall fares will remain low. Money raised as a result of the fares increase will go towards delivering better journeys and improving customer service.

“By 2020 everyone travelling on the Northern network will benefit from brand new or completely refurbished trains through our multi-million-pound fleet investment. All the unpopular Pacer trains will be gone by the end of 2019. We will also further modernise our stations and facilities, all forming part of a significant modernisation designed to deliver a rail service fit for the 21st Century.”

Where does the money from my fare go?

On average, 97p in every pound of your fare goes back into the railway.

The vast majority of revenue from fares covers the costs of services, for example paying for trains, fuel, staff and other day-to-day running costs, and helps to sustain investment in more trains, better stations and faster journeys.

For more about your rail fare go to nationalrail.co.uk/fares