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December 2022 timetable - Manchester Recovery Task Force

Earlier this year the Department for Transport, Transport for the North (TfN) and Network Rail sought views of rail users, the public and stakeholders on rail timetabling work that had been undertaken during 2020 by the Manchester Recovery Task Force (MRTF).

The MRTF was set up in January 2020 to develop and deliver solutions that improve the reliability of rail services for passengers. The MRTF was attended by a range of organisations, including the Department for Transport, TfN, train operators and Transport for Greater Manchester amongst others. The objective for the MRTF was to recast the rail timetable to address some of the structural issues around the pre-Covid timetable and provide reliable performance to passengers while different infrastructure solutions, with longer lead times, were planned, and delivered.

The public consultation, which ran from 14 January to 10 March 2021, has been used to help inform further work on the options. This led to a revised recommended timetable structure being developed. You can find out more about this timetable structure and why it was recommended in the consultation feedback document on the Department for Transport’s website.

Following that consultation, consideration of the comments received and the recommendation of the MRTF - and endorsed by the TfN Rail North Committee - Northern and TransPennine Express have produced indicative timetables which have now been published. These timetables are based on the MRTF’s recommended approach and are due to be introduced during December 2022.

Please note that these timetables will be subject to a bid and offer process with Network Rail and further operational refinement. The timings should therefore not be taken as definitive. Also, ongoing railway enhancement work including the Trans Pennine Upgrade will give rise to timetable amendments, during the course of the December 2022 timetable and in following years.

The map below shows the routes affected by the work of the Manchester Recovery Taskforce.


The timetables in detail

EWD – Monday to Saturday         SuO – Sunday only

Manchester – Stalybridge/Huddersfield- Leeds

Leeds – Huddersfield – Manchester EWD

Leeds – Huddersfield – Manchester SuO

Manchester – Huddersfield – Leeds EWD

Manchester – Huddersfield – Leeds SuO


Manchester – Bradford Interchange – Leeds

Leeds – Hebden Bridge – Manchester EWD

Leeds – Hebden Bridge – Manchester SuO

Manchester – Hebden Bridge – Leeds EWD

Manchester – Hebden Bridge – Leeds SuO


Manchester - Blackpool/Preston

Manchester – Bolton – Preston EWD

Manchester – Bolton – Preston SuO

Preston – Bolton – Manchester EWD

Preston – Bolton – Manchester SuO


Liverpool – Preston/Blackpool

Liverpool – Wigan – Blackpool EWD

Liverpool – Wigan – Blackpool SuO

Blackpool – Wigan – Liverpool EWD

Blackpool – Wigan – Liverpool SuO


Manchester – Newton-le-Willows – Liverpool

Ellesmere Port EWD

Liverpool and Chester – Manchester EWD

Liverpool and Chester – Manchester SuO

Manchester – Chester and Liverpool EWD

Manchester – Chester and Liverpool SuO


Manchester- Warrington – Liverpool

Liverpool – Warrington – Manchester EWD

Liverpool – Warrington – Manchester SuO

Manchester – Warrington – Liverpool EWD

Manchester – Warrington – Liverpool SuO


Manchester – Sheffield

Manchester – Sheffield EWD

Manchester – Sheffield SuO

Sheffield – Manchester EWD

Sheffield – Manchester SuO


Manchester – Clitheroe

Clitheroe – Manchester EWD

Clitheroe – Manchester SuO

Manchester – Clitheroe EWD

Manchester – Clitheroe SuO


Manchester – Wigan – Southport

Manchester – Wigan – Kirkby and Southport EWD

Manchester – Wigan – Southport SuO

Southport – Wigan – Manchester SuO

Southport and Kirkby – Wigan – Manchester EWD


Manchester – Altrincham – Chester

Chester-Altrincham – Manchester EWD

Chester-Altrincham – Manchester SuO

Manchester – Altrincham – Chester EWD

Manchester – Altrincham – Chester SuO


Manchester – Crewe

Crewe – Manchester EWD

Crewe – Manchester SuO

Manchester – Crewe EWD

Manchester – Crewe SuO


Manchester – Stoke-on-Trent

Manchester – Stoke EWD

Manchester – Stoke SuO

Stoke – Manchester EWD

Stoke – Manchester SuO


Manchester – Buxton

Buxton – Manchester EWD

Buxton – Manchester SuO

Manchester – Buxton EWD

Manchester – Buxton SuO


Manchester – New Mills/Rose Hill

Manchester – Rose Hill and New Mills EWD

New Mills and Rose Hill – Manchester EWD

Stockport – Stalybridge SuO


Manchester – Hadfield/Glossop

Hadfield – Manchester EWD

Hadfield – Manchester SuO

Manchester – Hadfield EWD

Manchester – Hadfield SuO


Deansgate – Manchester Airport (the Castlefield corridor)

Deansgate – Manchester Airport EWD

Manchester Airport – Deansgate EWD

Deansgate – Manchester Airport SuO

Manchester Airport – Deansgate SuO


Morecambe – Lancaster

Lancaster – Morecambe EWD

Lancaster – Morecambe SuO

Morecambe – Lancaster EWD

Morecambe – Lancaster SuO


Cumbrian Coast and Lancaster/Windermere – Manchester Airport

Carlisle Barrow and Windermere – Lancaster and Manchester EWD

Carlisle Barrow and Windermere – Lancaster and Manchester SuO

Manchester and Lancaster – Windermere Barrow and Carlisle EWD

Manchester and Lancaster – Windermere Barrow and Carlisle SuO


Blackpool – Colne/Leeds

Blackpool – Colne and Leeds SuO

Blackpool to Colne and Leeds EWD

Leeds and Colne – Blackpool EWD

Leeds and Colne – Blackpool SuO


Preston – Ormskirk

Ormskirk – Preston EWD

Preston – Ormskirk EWD


Where more than one train operator delivers services on a route, timetables will include East Midlands Railway, Transport for Wales, TransPennine Express and Northern services. There are other train operators whose services are not directly affected by the MRTF work and therefore have not been included in these timetables. For further information visit their websites.

You can provide your feedback on the indicative Northern and TransPennine Express timetables until 1700 on 31 December 2021. We encourage early feedback using one of the methods below, in particular email and online.   


Online: fill out our feedback form

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Post: FAO December 2022 timetable, FREEPOST Northern Railway

TransPennine Express:

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Post: Lucja Majewski-Kent, Regional Development Manager, TransPennine Express, 7th Floor, Bridgewater House, 60 Whitworth Street, Manchester, M1 6LT

If you would like to make your feedback jointly to both operators, we would welcome receiving that.

To support the effective delivery of the final timetable, your feedback may be shared with other operators (Northern, TransPennine, East Midlands Railway and Transport for Wales), so please let us know if you’d like it to be kept private. For further information about how we handle your data please visit our data privacy pages:

TransPennine Express


East Midlands

Transport for Wales

Due to the volume of responses received, we won’t be able to respond to everyone individually, but we will consider all responses as part of our timetable planning process.

If you would like any of the materials in a different format, please contact us.

The feedback we receive will help inform the final stage of the MRTF timetable process, following the extensive consultation completed earlier this year. That timetable will be formally bid to Network Rail in early 2022 and, following this process, it’ll be introduced in December 2022.