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What’s happening?

Great news, Garforth station is getting 85 more car parking spaces!

To enable us to increase the number of parking spaces at Garforth to 337, we need to close parts of this car park from 15 July until December 2019. During this period only about half of the usual car parking spaces will be available and there will be no suitable on-street parking nearby. We are, therefore, asking customers to consider alternative ways of getting to the station.

Car share

We want to make the most of our car parking spaces and encourage car sharing. Dedicated spaces will be available for those arriving at the station with two or more people in their car. Do you want to find a car share buddy? Ask your neighbours and colleagues if they need a lift to Garforth station, or take a look at these websites:

Other ways of getting to the station

As the number of car parking spaces will be reduced at the station while the upgrade work takes place, we’re asking customers to consider other ways to getting to the station. Our handy map shows cycling and walking times from the surrounding area, and the location of bus stops.



Great reasons to cycle to Garforth station:

  • Secure bike parking available at the station
  • It’s great for your physical and mental health
  • It can save you money
  • It takes away the stress of being stuck in traffic
  • You might actually find yourself getting to places quicker

Plan a cycle journey:


Why not leave the car at home and walk to Garforth station?

Did you know that a brisk 10-minute daily walk has lots of health benefits and counts towards your recommended 150 minutes of weekly exercise?


You can reach Garforth station by bus, we’ve listed the local bus services below and you can plan your journey at

Saxton Court 45024145
From Service
East Garforth 19,19A, 402, 403
Sherburn in Elmet  402, 403
Ledsham 175, 175A
Micklefield 175, 175A, 402, 403
To Service
Leeds city centre 19, 19A, 402, 403
Station Court 45011665
From Service 
West Garforth  19,19A, 402, 403
Swillington Common  19,19A, 402, 403
To Service
Selby  402, 403
Beaconsfield Court 45011674
From Service 
West Garforth 19,19A, 402, 403
Swillington Common 19,19A, 402, 403
To Service
Selby 402, 403
Salem Place 45011681 
From Service
West Garforth  X27, 163, 166
Swillington Common X27, 163, 166
Aberford 173A,174, 174A
Barwick in Elmet  173A,174, 174A
To Service
Leeds city centre 402,403
Leeds city centre 19, 19A 
Salem Place 45011682
From Service
Allerton Bywater 163, 166 
Great Preston 22, 163, 166, 173A, 174A
East Garforth  19, 19A, 402, 403, 163, 166
Swillington 22, 173A, 174, 174A, 175, 175A
Kippax 22, 163, 166, 173A, 174, 174A, 175, 175A
To Service
Leeds city centre express X27
Leeds city centre  163, 166
Selby 402, 403
Seacroft 22
Aberford 173A,174, 174A
Barwick-in-Elmet 173A,174, 174A


This project has received funding through the West Yorkshire-plus Transport Fund, and the Leeds City Region Growth Deal - a £1 billion package of Government investment through the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP), delivered by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority to accelerate growth and create jobs across Leeds City Region